last something day I was definitely hooked on being a knowledge absorber rather than posting knowledge here myself. since I started collecting debts from being stubborn moron bedista, I then started too to accumulate enough points for a pinch de milo, or should I say, paint le Picasso?

I managed to escape again the claws of my abiding mother-law by having a spree to taytay town. I was then being an adjunct again to my cousin and hail the streets of san florida cainta before heading there. in our arrivance, we were met by the most fashionable grandfather I have known. He was wearing short shorts, a golf-aged shirt, and a comfy rain boots. Oh did I mention it did do a downpour just after we arrive? Well further the escape, I again been BOMBARDED with trivial eureka to which kids of my age would not want to hear. But this time, it was less suckish, to an extent where I can answer in a tone of “we are friends, aren’t we? (added sora smile)”

I was conferred with one hundred euro dollars and a piece of old navy jacket, autographed by my gramps himself.

now I’m starting to post nonsense again. hehe.


~ by protagonist on August 22, 2007.

One Response to “no-ledge.”

  1. “Don’t run, WE are your friends! (added techies smile)”

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