my me.

superhero she is.

i need to dare escape this escapade. 😦


~ by protagonist on August 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “my me.”

  1. huh?!

  2. A superhero eh? I know the greatest superhero…^^
    Who can forget about the little italian guy who can jump over lava pits, throw fireballs when he grabs a flower, slay a dragon and rescue a princess along with his green brother. Ahhhh, those were the good ol’ days. Wait…What?? Tis’ supposed to be a girl??? You don’t saaaaaaaaayyyyy…..

  3. hmmm aint it great? super hero? but im asking something can i have my hi tech PS1 back??

  4. *_* huh?

  5. I see…confused people…hahahahaha…^^
    They don’t get us even a bit. Are we that random!??

    Ce’st La Vie…

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