leave the lurch, i

A journalist told me that dying would be easier if I know how to live, then maybe, I should learn to live first before I start to think about departing. The future upholds the consequences I may not be able to handle. It seems indefinite that by just simply looking at these letters, words, spaces, and you-might-think out-of-profanity used here is that you could get enough self-esteem for tomorrow, then in so doing, I do not recall myself wielding on these beatings again. the gaps and glimpse, neither glitches made from RPGs like megaman x5 or final fantasy 9 could offer. Both ways to ponder, retrying is such, but useless to think it is. and for instances that surpassed my thought that the latter is nothing but great labyrinth, then i should be more mind-set on the traversal off our connecting route maybe. regrets, regret again to reflect, ready to disconnect. how can be anything so “suffer”ficial be so relevant? How can something I see cannot be realize at all, and after all? dang… I can’t disfigure a pose, either a post. doodling with keira is much congenial than hanging about and holding on and onto a throne.

They taped over my mouth.

~ by protagonist on August 8, 2007.

7 Responses to “leave the lurch, i”

  1. And then I thought that the “X series” was just a side-scrolling hack n’ slach game. Anyway, DON’T DIE YET DUDE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! I NEED TO GET BACK MY SHIRTS FROM YOU!!!! THEN MAYBE YOU CAN LEAVE US ALL IN PEACE!!!! XP
    just joking *evil laughs*.
    But, it would be better if you return my shirts (I think I lend you 3?). I’ll be waitin’ for my tsrts!!!

    Ce’st La Vie…

  2. why now?? when you can leave later?? nyahahahahaha

  3. does the post really impart a dying situation?! it’s just a commentation! wahh..bka d nyu ganu mgets.. well nvm.

    saka na ung tsert! hehe.

  4. Yeah, alam namin n ndi k mgpapakamatay…It’s all part of the “Living our lives in any way really hurts” scenario. Sometimes you decide to take someone seriously then all of a sudden things wouldn’t make out. It Sucks right? But then again, life goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and so foth!!! But the point here is that, I need my t-shirts back and I want it now!

  5. yeah live and love! rotfl. XD but i say..

    “ikaw na lng pakamatay! nde muh makukuha ung tserts! nyahahaha..”

    juk. saka nah.. hehe

  6. That’s teh magic of my post. It’s so predictable yet so sweet to read…

    Cess Lo Ve

  7. haha i didn’t get a thing

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