rain again.

I know some of you are not to read this whole, but please, I insist…

Read everything.

given a given day for me to rest my eyes, emotions and epinephrine after a long week of becoming restless in a situation I don’t know what will happen up to now.

morning came and I thought it was still morning because I overslept again. there will be a meet-up today, at sanwtrij, to be able to see again all my dearest closeness. Starting of with bread and butter, a ten minute bath and ending off with facing the mirror, telling myself I should be ok after this.

southridge isn’t ready for me, and so am i. I saw the familiar faces without the names in my head, but never mind them; i am not here for them anyway. Well I start off with the faculty to trace the steps of my former mates. I saw changness yuanness, which I found myself to collect an idea where they were – scie lab. the first one I saw would be her, and then others follow. They were messing messages for a bedan me and Irwin. Well I’m not the one to blame nyeh? hehe. after which, we hurried huff, puff and great, whatnots.

>>>>> skip first that part.

We manage to break a leg for r3 and relate again stories of our nefarious lives (or I think only mine) to ate shiela. We then had four or five breaks for DOTA and seventy times seven math-ups in O2jam. left the place with a promise to come back blissfully, and money to have again other marathon.

>>>>> then here’s the skipped part.

off we go to the gym and concluding before the stay, I sat beside her. then mouths started to talk, telling if someone loves. I asked if it’s not, and then the never-thought is heard –

“no, and I mean it”

Going home is going to be a soaking wet summer. Peria left the tricycle with an umbrella to accompany him, symmone with the tricycle, and I, with just my head to catch every raindrops that fell. “It’ll be pouring like this rain”, I thought.

craig david song’s telling me that rain pours on outside his window.
– but I’m telling him that’s it’s poring on my head.

what now, she’s gone, my fault, i’m sorry.
– is she really gone? it’s really my fault, i guess. sorry for being such a vulgar.

feeling like a fool, coz I let you down. Now it’s too late to turn it around.
– maybe, just maybe…if you will said it so, or will not, if we still hold on to this.

i remember the time where I used to be meddling with these emotions, and how I wish it would be not seriously true. And then it was. and then the day when you gave up everything for a reason of the world knowing about us. It may sound cheesy or anything, but whatever happens, i’ll die for you. even if the people more royalty than you (call it parents), will know, then i’ll be there, one way, vise-versa, vis-à-vis, or tête-à-tête, I’ll still be stuck with one decision – be with you.

But that won’t work for now. I don’t know if this ends, but someone said this words of which I don’t know if it’s gonna be of help.

“baka hindi ka lang mahal nun. Yun lang naman un eh”

i just wish you did find worth in everything…
because you’re the only one who I did wish I could die for.

I just wish you did.


~ by protagonist on August 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “rain again.”

  1. dang… nothing more i could say

  2. sorry about that… well… anyway… if you know how to die… you know how to live…

  3. NEW URL 🙂 sup?

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