“wet”. nyaha

a day of reward is yet to come today. no classes, no quizzes, no human kinetics workouts, none! It’s just that I am feeling gutterized with mischievous beliefs, believing that this day, maybe will be a meet-up or something.

but still it was.

professor matiti matuti dismissed us not by letting us play a single 5 on 5 basketball game, or volleyball game, or either way around. What I didn’t like about the announced conference is that I am chasing time for a date to watch harry potter 5, which is about 2 hours ago… and I still wonder why she’s still waiting patiently.

about 2 hours and finally, together with my cohorts, we arrived by the place and justify our means by goin’ comic alley, shooting %$!@# balls and intensifying ourselves to timezone. In there where roanne sat by the bench, waiting. I then approached her and poof* goodbye cohorts.

i was not contented… with the theatre play of harry due to the accumulation of non-stunning visual effects and all. But still, an effort to give me visualization than more of a book comprehension and imagination. Maybe I should bring a jacket next time? nilamig kami sa loob. haha.

departure so is in. as we melt ourselves with the large sized shared iced tea, we manage to get a good seat on a sentimental jeepney. Mind you, it entertained us, and so is the passengers by clearing the atmospehere with the mixture of westlife, A1, nsync and so are the boy bands way back then.

and so on and blah blah. ^ ^

just wanted to share you a picture taken from “somewhere”. haha.

roanne and dan kuno! =p

[ps roanne] it would be realistic only if you just capture the one at the jeepney. and oh, next time antayin muh ulet aq ah? haha.



~ by protagonist on July 27, 2007.

3 Responses to ““wet”. nyaha”

  1. magaling ka pala magsulat,?
    wala sa itsura mo,.
    but anyways,.
    its good,.

  2. And don’t forget ‘Boy Zone’. They were the most cliche’ boy band EVAH!!!! ^^

    Ce’st La Vie…

  3. the jip didn’t play songs of them, but i’ll never forget “i want it that way”, “backstreet’s back” and OUR ever famous lyric for mam yuan…


    hosted by themselves. thanks to thee bsb. nyaha.

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