• prologue noon, lrt rush
  • vacant seats.
  • five minute walk to beda
  • id swipe
  • accounting office
  • dog… what breed?
  • papers meddling
  • issues, argues.
  • forty peso scam
  • cas library
  • picked a book, read.
  • pictures = poetry. / read and learn.?
  • runaway to attend
  • lrt rush.
  • “waffle time”
  • princess
  • princess
  • princess.

~ by protagonist on July 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “rain”


  2. hello! nice to be here.
    i changed my user id, that’s why you can’t view my blog. i also wan’t able to update my friendster about the changes made. anyways. nice blog 🙂

  3. hahaha. WAFFLE TIME in SANTOLAN? lol.. bt nman dun pa! one creative post. :d

  4. I hate waffles!!! No more WAFLLES!!! STOP TEH WAFFLES (using Zim-like accent). Wat’s up with waffles, dude??? Aren’t you a little scared of em’ when you stick one in your mouth? They’re Long, warm and stiff. Simply Gross…..Good thing Bueno Bonita™ is always there to satisfy our needs for a good chum…^^
    Always remember, “if it ain’t buy 1 take 1, then don’t try it.”
    Go For Buena Bonita™
    Two buns are always better than one long, stiff waffle…

    Ce’st La Vie…

  5. hahaha.. reminds me of our ziiimm… WHAt!? ziiimm… WHAT?! days. well somehow they know me for some reason so they gave out free samples everytime. oh san ka pa? haha. though it’s a little gross as it passes through the esophagus. nyaha.

    buena bonita? haven’t you heard the epidemia within the buns? well careful buddy. nyaha.

    tsi aw!

  6. Epidemia??? ONOZ!!!Nothing like a diabetes of some sort? No? Well, what the hell.I like sticking buns inside my mouth rather than waffles. I had my fair share of waffles and I’m tellin’ ya’ I’m sick of it. Imagine, licking warm buns *While singing ‘The Bun Song’ by Tom Green*, now, wouldn’t that be great!?
    Meh, I’ll still stay with my buns. They’re soft,warm and fluffy and I like the pleasure of licking it (OHYEH!!!).
    Still, if you like long, stiff waffles I won’t argue with you. Gow eat some with Carlo or Jeff!!! ^^

    Ce’st La Vie…

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