meantime solitude.

last, last night…

my mind awoke when emman, burny, and papa ni ralph fetched me to include me in the holocaust of an event, not to mention, accompanied by my closest cousin, jharmie.

whoops, a slight slip-up. we end up by the house of chang yuan because the padlock was left locked, so we have to wait for papsi pachi to arrive (Gilmore he was. shucks). We were welcomed with the dog named after me – KIRA – or my death note name, right peria?

well off with the dog, we are sitting docks and drinking… water while having memories to blah blah about. But after consecutive throw-ins, we left chang yuan together with her siblings and one with a berdey in a matter of time to head straight to burny’s house.

belated again nanay.

as we arrive by the place, still, never minding façade of dogs and especially, the scattered clothes therein. We all sat to the spaces where clothes might not be spacing off. phew finally…

what is behind the black hue? you find out, curious one.

and the next happenings were all due to my testosterone and her harlequin. incestuous, call it.


[p.s.] i went not home. and for that, i was stripped with my medium to communicate with people i need to communicate with and associate with.

But bliss still is. you find out.


~ by protagonist on July 24, 2007.

One Response to “meantime solitude.”

  1. Im not good at finding things behind black hues (Or any color it may be, especially red). But I’m guessing this one’s a drinking cup of some sort. If not, I’m betting this is a three-some PRONO scene. Not contented with other school scandals are we? (Wink then smirked..^_~) AS they say “It’s better if you make one yourself”.

    Ces’t La Vie…

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