v3… v3i.

As there we inclined to a world where vast things are not simultaneously done but cared. The opposite of what had become and what has been your look, is now, on me. fortunate wonders dragged time towards the impeccable relevance of self-assurance and the undeniable: me meeting you, you meeting me.

remember the place called “waffle time”?

I got blinded by the thoughts that we are on the right side of the track, as of I know my highness. Three blindfolds for the sick intricate me, as the word wonder started to give way, and give another meaning to doubt. Thus, I forgot that you forgot.

I’m holding on to something that’s worth being called for. since that day you became so thorny and wintry to a vast sandstorm. I don’t know if I did said anything about us, getting involved to something more substantial than what we have right now. dang, what have I done?

Or simply to say, what have you been doing?

I need to talk to you, or rather, if not, I die, how I wish. But will you let clear the meaning of all of this? I’ve been smudged with ideas of what would be for us. Apology, but a locality will be appropriate for such action.


…princess q.



~ by protagonist on July 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “v3… v3i.”

  1. hmmm… sumthin between u and cess??? hmmm

    nweiz got our dsl back, hahahaha gud thing for me^^

    feed on this O_o \m/

  2. how i wish there was sumthin REALLY, like she used to say in THAT blessed day.

    congratz naman seo, saka na sakin. hehe.

  3. wat the heck? di q maintindhan… leche… bobo aq sa ganyan

  4. ha?

  5. aha gotcha!….

  6. waffle time??? ung sa santolan? lol.. :))

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