past passed days. i see neither relevant situations nor conflicts done by patriarchal saints or protagonist me. the beckoning reasoning of watching harry putter-full potter seemed to be in demand, i melancholized. and there was this coming another week when stars seemed to be so extravagant, that they long for guinea pigs, or us to think. what could be done is that the lungs to think gushing deep and brains to filter swallow…

or the two leyva’s?

highly depressive and as off what to think, I’ve got no enough one flat for subjects other than theology, english, and sociology and anthropology. Information technology is intricate as of my math. history builds my appetite to boycott than to publicize myself due to the non-stop texter lassy professor. but then I’m telling that i’m alright, sure everything is alright… since I’m starting to manifest in san beda, so is the people becoming algae on me. but one person caught my honesty.

but then i’ve got a message long before someone said she knew. And there was no chance for us at all… haha. bluffing. due:

protagonist beckons a difference, but saw only a morning view… would you mind killing me, so i can catch the wake that you’re not my COUSIN!? haha.. ^_^ https://dyiele.wordpress.com/

(ym status posted above)

this is easy as lovers go, but we’re cousins. laugh till dropping now. applause, applause. gladly not too much, I found a relative closer than any other.

o nagpipiling nanaman aq? XD


~ by protagonist on July 15, 2007.

One Response to “flabbergasting.”

  1. bka nga nagpi2ling k lng??? hehe

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