close encounters, open fires.

So there, having one fourth reason to go to school due to the fact that “it might rain again” and “accidents may occur before I know it”… I went to san beda.

After yesterday’s happening on and so on, I then envisage the events that will occur before me today. holding the umbrella that I borrowed and the courage of seeing other faces again, I step by step on the minutes, or even seconds for seeing criztal and my “girlalu” today.

As I forked the vicinities and open corridors of the firm, I am being accompanied again by my new apprentices of the kinds: warren the death note owner, multi-caster aj, arjohn panget, and partner joben. We walk off to the CAS library, finding some consign for us to make it an evacuation area. Then at a glance I saw… my girlalu… sitting inside the research room… wearing yellow… and oh… my world skips a minute… branched a second call… and drive… me out-of-this-world… before I passed again. Then we sat down near the gargantuan centralized aircon and lay our feets to a drowning review for today’s 80 items IT exam. We also decided not to attend the stupid history class due to circumstances brought by this paperhold and the lassy history, unlimited text addict professor.

While some got out of beda to spend their malevolent time by going dota, me, together with my apprentices, reviewed… and reviewed.

Then a text message came in… criztal it was.

I rushed and hushed, together with panget (since he’s the only person who’s really into GIRLS), we went to st. maurs and let her retrieve the borrowed umbrella from me. give and no take has happened. what a disappointment. When we return, I saw her again… then I let panget saw her… he… was… definitely… devastated… surely… same as I do… and before I know it, we were really boycotting history class, and because the lassy prof really didn’t came, we head eat and burp to eat, and burp… and with a flick, 1 2 3 again for us! Haha… 45 din un… =p

Back to CAS library but in different position… I am almost near her… she was only two seats apart… my heart stopped a beat in such a way off the sense… I lost all my place… she was there, there, there… together with two females and a MALE. Rawrr.

panget camtured himself, together with my girlalu, becoming the background for him.

– an obvious representation.
– another slip-up. nevermind the big face looking at the cam. haha.

Then she practically went out, and waved goodbye at me.

basically, I am not contented, but that’s all into it.



~ by protagonist on July 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “close encounters, open fires.”

  1. ayyyyyyyyl. ang cute nman ng layout.
    haha!! :))
    mong, lester, perya, bentot, at lolpop!!
    miss ya guys.
    ( uhm dat wud be if lester was my cmate. but whaddaheck?? lol.. )


  2. Sheez!!! gnamitan mu nnmn ng teknik pra makasilay k…wahahaha…^^


  3. LOL ganda ng story mo ah XD!!! hehehe LOL!!

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