royalty and the allies.

The setting’s in the establishment with a letter C on a point, having a north pole atmosphere. The allies are two knights to accompany the hailed prince, as he will meet his so-called “princess”

During the often times, prince and princess has been serving in one direction to follow. Princess’ chariot made the prince a little drawn near. Then without choice and notice, one meet-up had turned into an everyday basis. Then the allies are starting to manifest a given infection. But what the heck would two mere knights do to an anything, something about anything? darn it… throw in prison, I say.

Well concluding this medieval entry, the prince will declare that:

“just so you know…”


~ by protagonist on June 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “royalty and the allies.”

  1. anu daw?!

  2. Just sit back and relax or sit back and relapse again..^^

  3. -=NO COMMENT=-

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