the advantage and the likes.

After a long weekend of all the rallyness and hectics, my mind again is focused on this post, or on another one, I presume. Since i have enough time and expanded memory to spell out the details of the week, then I’ll be starting then.

After the two days rally they (or us) put together, the management decided to prolong the no-uniform policy to one month extent. Based on the given span, I have concluded that one and a half week is all they gave us. Now is that a profitable gain to them again? Well so much for the uniform issue, since I don’t really care if it does be implemented or does not. want some proofs? here.

manipulating chairs eh?
out and far away from the crowd…
the flakes of concern. ^^

NCAA was sure a spectacular view from the inside rather than the screen to be viewed. With the crowds going crazy and all, you’ll be sure to find yourself one of the crowds too. though my plan to sit beside “someone” failed, us three (carlo, me and I du fohgot da neym) sat on the mapua side, we still caught the brilliance of our school, as we won against JRU on a TWENTY-TWO lead. two pics i’ve sponsored for you to see.

the real thing! san beda beda beda won!
a scoreboard error, though it REALLY is true.

Ideal saving tip: buy foods outside, but don’t let yourself be caught. Foods are not allowed inside, thus the foods sold inside are WAY TOO expensive. nyaha.

Blast! Our very own lester just got home, real home. we sure is surprised, so after the game at araneta, papa Irwin and I ate at tapsi ni mamsi mami before heading to ferretville, where he resides for now. upon arriving, we were welcomed with a much more bigger version of Richmond. click for the shreeek preview. Looking upon lester, how I wish I had those physique, or lesser…whatever. We spent about two and a half hours there, eating, sitting, playing a nauuto naruto game and short talks. Before leaving, a warm hug was bestowed upon us, together with an imported chocolate therein.

Then as I was about to end this week, I am having this frustration because my v3i phone doesn’t have the so-called “iTunes”. Due to my irritation, I found myself clicking links on google, finding a site to put an end to my non-conclusive problem. from the official site, to the illegal ones, just for the sake of putting that Apple seal on my substantial handicapped phone. Fortunately, there are two facts that made me terminate that exasperation on my bought product:

A trusted site told me that putting iTunes on non-iTunes v3i = impossible. but…

v3i has three versions.

– No iTunes but with no limit mp3 capacity (i had these one)
– w/ iTunes but with 50 mp3 limit
– w/ iTunes but with 100 mp3 limit

what do you think? Hehe. I did get a good haul somehow. Like what I have said so, “I’ll be contented with what I have”



~ by protagonist on June 24, 2007.

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