our beda yellow rally. (you’ll surely click the colored wordings before this.)

Magna carta, magna carta… yellow is all I see yah!

again, a simple bundled paper fastened by a staple has yet to overcome people in the authority. Not sure to what will happen, I joined the “maybe” overwhelming march of the mixed educated and not-too-great people. starting from the grandstand, we then walked and uphold the scorching heat coming from the spaces of the step stairs and croupy corridors. Together with bunch of students and the support of the faculty, we then able to upraise a peaceably form of siege. But as I forked the highways, I saw my own version of a crushie, the girlie gal gal who took my emotions away at the orientation day. well she’s much more of what I see rather than what she sees me. though every time our eyes met and she gave the ambiguous smile, I still can’t predict if there’s really something about it. damn I’m getting slow on this process. a so-so close persona without me knowing the name. how I wish that this rally thing would be day-by-day-by-day-by-day-by-day-day-by-day. that, would enable me, I suppose, to come up with something for her.

“what’s her name, what’s her everything?!”



~ by protagonist on June 21, 2007.

One Response to “rallyness.”

  1. hmmm…. haha babae nanaman! kidding! ang sama mo for going 1,2,3 sa jeep! those people are working decently pal! c’mon! oh well 😀

    crushie huh?! hyung crushie ko sa school napaka tahimik. We only got to talk a while ago. Kilig! haha but i don’t think he’s the type I’d go for. He’s cute, yeah, and he seems to have the brains pero parang isip bata!

    guess what’s his favorite movie?

    high school musical! haha kamusta naman. so high school.

    and guess what’s his favorite song?

    what I’ve been looking for(hsm)! grabe.

    medjo ka turn off yung profile nya. haha but he’s really, really, cute enough to make my heart beat faster everytime our eys meet! 😀

    grabe, haha tas kilig talga!!! 😀

    go ahead, why don’t you get to know the girl? after all, magaling ka jan diba? hehe jowk.

    0h yeah, don’t forget to drop me a note huh? and, tama na yang 1,2,3 sa jeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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