phew, whew wow, and everything goes according to know how!

I’m not having any pile of papers to sign or to drop for. I don’t have the test to review, scrutinize and visualize. No weekends to evaluate permanent markers in the schedule. No worries but college history, My history! Wahaha. I’m livin’ beda life with some busying habit, without the uneasiness.

As you can see the time frame between the below post and this one, it sure is an eventful period. Well after the harness of the great FOD, I have had manage nothing to everything. friends seemed to be easy, “chx” seemed to be much CLOSE and CLOSED here, and weirdness still is there. from the forms of shifting classes rather than shifting teachers, from unnoticed sleeping habits to a more vivid discussions, or vice-versa, from glances to meeting new ones.

The people I see everyday varies from the fifth word of this sentence. the more you see, the more you look familiar and famous. Well I’m not saying I’m one, I just thought.

In accordance to my first and second week of staying, I have formulated simple sentences to give you a vivid description of what college WILL look like, if you ever come up or should come in the institution:

1. the tardy yes professors, including the texter ones.
2. late and absences differ each time
3. sleeping and chatting too much in class will do
4. eating, walking, and gallivanting will be more fun if you have the so-called “chx” around.
5. if you thought high school meal is cheap, try college.
6. an air-conditioned room still is hot. But beda sure has the tagged with “the most freeziest aircon around”.
7. gals met while on the lrt sure is sooooooo attractive.
8. there are more perverts in the world of men
9. women will surely give you a hint to get their number, or to deal with, they’ll get yours.
10. they’ll text you simultaneously, continuously, with or without classes.
11. I’m a bedan trendsetter. Look at my fashion – long disco sleeves!
12. gulaman is a heavy meal. (dba pam? Haha.)
13. 1,2,3 on jeepneys will do, so as you

* some are not included because they are the so-called “spoilers”.

well I’ll give you more of an update if this piece of internet crap will be more cooperative than a chicken steak meal. chawap ng pudding leche flan de ube de buko…hehe.

Ps. sorry guys! I haven’t got so much time to update! Hirap nang maging busy eh. haha. well I’ll keep in touch. many thanks for the undying support hek.


~ by protagonist on June 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “phew, whew wow, and everything goes according to know how!”

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome…Heehee…^^

    Absilio Mundus…

  2. ahuh!!!!!! aruy ko… dmo cnma c Mr/s gay!!! ehehe./.. ska ung new fone mo… eheh.. aus… V3!! hayup… adhik ka… amf… sa ineo n c bkla huH!!! ehehee ingatan nyO!!

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