ef ow di

board a jeepney and took an lrt ride for my orientation day today. no doubt, I can manage maybe the activities posted today. but I had an eerie feeling towards the shirt I’m wearing. never mind the details my dear.

Upon disembarking on San Beda grounds, we were definitely late and out-of-venue. Looking elsewhere I found different looking students (probably, for their attires) and some faces as well. heading towards the conference hall was my idea. There stand a rostrum which is placed in front of the hall. With me and nothing to held my things, I stay there and positioned myself where I did be mistaken as some bedan representative for enrollment. The process goes like this:

  • 1st person to seek my help is a parent who’s finding the conference hall. Of course, I point it out.
  • 2nd person is a gal who asked for the time when will the orientation start. I answered 30 minutes will do because they’re having a mass.
  • 3rd and last is a gal, again, who asked where will the orientation be held. I point out the conference hall and the three more venues. Then I paused and asked, “bat tanung kayo ng tanong? Muka ba akong tanungan?”. The gal replied with a big smile on her face, “eh nandyan ka kasi sa rostrum kaya muka kang tanungan eh”. then we started laughing at what have I done. alas, I have found a new PRETTY face, a new friend, I suppose.

She started asking me questions, and I too. but then, a real courier came and asked us if we are registered for today’s events. We looked at each other and then laughed again. both of us were clueless so she decided that we should head to the long tables there and start filling up forms. Tada! done. but then, I lost track of her, I left her somewhere. Well today’s gonna be a long day, I thought.

After the mass, I joined the rest, together with papa Irwin and some InfoTech students. i thought of finding her but I realized that she was on the accounting side of the line. too bad. Well after stair steps climbed up, we reached the theatre hall were the orientation starts. No need for a story here. booooring but yes, I admit, it was infoful.

we head then to the grounds near the so-called batibot and bookstore to have a well-dined, under-the-sun gratis lunch by passing through the courtyard. we devour each and every piece of meal served there… not stuffed though. Then I saw her! just a smile to each other would do. ^ ^ after the time-consuming program, we head for a five dollar trip to beda. Must seen but must be tiring, yes.

Then after all the things and comings and goings and whatnots we have had got into, finally, I went home drained but blissfully and satisfied. Again, we track the vise-versa way of trekking home sweet home. haha. when will I be able to pay for a jeepney ride? nakatakas nanaman aq!

Wait…no!!! I forgot to ask for the appealing and amiable accountancy gal name I’ve met! And the number as well! darn it…hmmp. well at least orientation day isn’t the last day. more days to ask about it, if I had the time to find it out.

Animo San Beda! ^ ^



~ by protagonist on June 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “ef ow di”

  1. Welcome to San Beda where foods are not enough to satisfy thy hunger and pretty girls are oh so godamned clueless…Applause apllause for the newly baptized bedans: Winnie and Jeybiii!!! (or Jeivee or whatnot or something else)

    Beda! Beda! Beda! Payt! Payt! Payt! blah blah blah!!!

    Go red Pussies!!!! I mean Red Lions!!!

    `3 cheers!!! Love…lights…Stellar..


  2. la mxado post ah?. . naks!bz s beda.haha XD
    g’luck s pghhnap!=p

  3. Oooohhh….Char is here…Creepy…

    Absilio Mundus 28/26…^^

  4. go bedans! haha naxx 😀 hmm…babae nanaman ang inatupag! haha

  5. beda? dami chicks no? hehehe

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