3 days for animes.

piled and compiled with sloth firm positions and anime soft packaging cds, i am somehow rest assured that I can go oblivious on moments of heartbreak and trouble again. the place will be the vanity-less neighborhood and the idiot box sizing similar to my computer’s monitor. far more great is that the hue of the television set is set to a sore, sore, sore mode. well anyway, I’m off still on a good start.

first pickup is the hentai (wait, ecchi pala. wahaha.) anime Tenjo Tenge. The storyline and anime formulation is consisting of big bouncy boobs, almost-must-be-seen-skirt-ups, sauna bath maniluptial events, a fighting scene seen only on guiness… or not, and a big turn over of events which makes it worth watching for perverts (and that does not include me). watching this anime isn’t my idea after all, but it sure is FUN. again, capital FUN. wahahaha.

second catch is pokemon. call it toonami, in case people of non-otaku might ask me. 90 episodes per set and two sets it was. great. a kid from pallet town, with a brand new odyssey, don’t know what’s ahead but it will bring the best in him…blah blah. there’s goes a summary and review of a slowpoke me.

Sticking to pokemon and tenjo sure is good but inefficient to suffice me. done with 34 episodes of the Advance, 19 episodes of the Chronicles, and 2 movies for pokemon 25 episodes plus the OVA for tengo tenge. what’s next on the list is my elementary favorite, HUNTER X HUNTER!

If you haven’t notice, I’ve changed my layout today because of the verity that I’m hooked again to the last said animation. preparatory OVA (original video animation) done and gone to the OVA finale. though I’m expecting to see more of my favorite and depicting character kurapika, i’m at a standstill of staying…

kono itami wa tada! watashi wo kiri saite. riaru na kenjizu wo uke tomore tsuyosa dake. yume no ketsu matsu wa kioku no kanata de. ashira we unarau inori ga todoku made. i pray every night and day!!!!!

before I forgot, a virulence to ponder: the planned tipar today was eradicated due to peria’s incompetence and sure-fire hit of hitting our troubled veins… rawr!!… oh well what’s done is done. tomorrow it will be, sana. =p



~ by protagonist on May 31, 2007.

4 Responses to “3 days for animes.”

  1. Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu ROCKS!!!!!

    NATO NATO!!!!!


    3 Cheers…Love…Lights…Stellar…

  2. waw, anime mgand ayan!!! hahahaha marami ako alam jan!

    totally id not know anything in the world of anime, hahahahah, ngpipiling lang!!!!

  3. love the new layout.

    PS: naks, bedan na!! wuhoo!!^^


  4. kantut lng

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