five more days of unsubtleness

Verna!!! lang..gusto q lang sabihin..wahaha.

guess I’ll be writing something here again. and suppose to be my unli days, had turned to internet prepaid expenses. dang… when will our economy boom like tricycles here in antipolo? when will internet service providers be cheaper than my high school allowance? when will pldt plan 999 be seen and reach within my fingertips? in short, i hate summer again.

vise versa with choknat q of not having unlimited days with unlimited internet days, I feel like stumbling into one of coelho’s or sheldon’s or any authors to give aspiration me. sorry to say me, I had budget none and tardiness will sore a boredom careless free. Now I’m stuck very still of telling myself what to do in days cutting motion for several time shortcut, since the nights spent are just nuisance watch and tolerable tex dramas. Sending my regrets about last night melodina, mharshee and choknat q… nwalan unli!..wahaha..hmp.

subscribers (as soulmate christela called themselves instead of readers) who steadfastly read, comment, pass by, love, and all other words that Shakespeare could imagine, or even I myself, I thank you all. Two days seemed to complement one…one… one anu nga ba? wahaha.

dang I miss my stalker, I miss choknat q, I missed everyone else to be written down here. here comes an irritant again – drop down list of nothing to do, which makes an ounce of screaming words saying, “I could be stuck be here forever!”


~ by protagonist on May 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “five more days of unsubtleness”

  1. bwiset tlga yang unli n yan laging pabitin!!!

  2. whahaha..miss mu n stalker mu xe dkn ginugulo??..hahahaha..

    hekhek..waw nmn..nsma aq..hahahahah!

    tara d2..wan 2 sawa internet..haha

  3. haha. teka, aq b ung mharshee jan ha??.. waha. =]

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