troublesome I was in. didn’t know what to say or what to do. I’m in the midst of laughing too much or being the “best friend” I was always be. But then, I kept on thinking, “I’m not the one hurt or something. I’m just here to help, right?”… i smiled.

then there goes my words, screaming infidelities of a loyal-not friend with given facts or just plain fictions. Simmer with no intentions to simmer, it simmers (duh get a good hold of vocabs!). and then here came sexy, having the touchy feelin’ of missin’ me again (and she even called me best). Wait, I’m skipping my part.

katamad. nevermind. Haha.

all I wanted to say is: hey Joshua, are you playing stupid on my cuz or are you really that plain stupid? ^ ^ wahahaha. Hmmmmmp!



~ by protagonist on May 24, 2007.

6 Responses to “neverheard.”

  1. hey,,it’s my first visit..

    well, i can see you have some talent, huh..

    why didn’t i see it before,,? hehe..

    what i did see before was that you were good in drawing,,

    remember the squareculars? haha,,right at the corner of every page of your notebook, heehee..

    dude, i don’t know if u still remember those, but hey,,I do,,haha!

    ya ryt,,na – nosebleed aq..!


  2. Darn,,, maybe joshua is both?

    or just… nevermind, his to big to be card about anyway…

    tempo de cambiare for him!

    hmmmh from the last comment, your good in drawing… yeah your good i wish i was that good!


    this comment is from the Vice President of Guhit arts club of SPHS! hahahahahahah yabang?? natural n un tol!!!! XD

    O_o \m/
    tempo de cambiare

  3. haha it has been a while…

    eventhough i’m not that updated to what’s goin on in your life
    …err..still have no idea..

    anyways continue this project
    i’ll always be a subcriber

  4. uh-huh… yah. haha. ;d

  5. haha c joshy-poo? haha 😀 la lang. that’s all i can say!

  6. Guess Who’s Back from the cold heart GodD*mmit monoblock in front of the freakin’ computer!!!!! (Crowd shouted *SYMONNE*)

    Well, what can I say, our pet “Joshy-poo” already knew how to play a girls heart. Isn’t that bizarre???


    3 Cheers, Love…Lights…Stellar…..

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