happy aniversary to us!

Well yes, it’s our anniversary!

After millions of inspiring words said and shared…

ten thousand times of thinking nothing and everything…

thousands of readers being inspired, loved, conspired, and have relationships with…

hundreds of substantial comments, uncanny manifestations, and false allegations thrown..

tens of people who really believe in me…

one God to help me, one year for a blog like this…

toodles, carpe diem!

p.s. just wanna share my official first post that still gives the impression… or whatever. click the name below. ty.

My nobela, my novena. the start of my blog love. – Verna Allyza Gutlay.

my comment = is “it” still there? we start something, but i think it ends.

toodles again.

~ by protagonist on May 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “happy aniversary to us!”

  1. Happy happy happy Burtdey to you and to you’re blog rat-bu… No gifts for this festivities unfortunaetly…


  2. hmmmmmm…hahahaha…lq msb..

  3. cungrats bay!!!!

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