wen is dey ti phur.

another peculiar day for me, to my thought. it’s the overnight birthday tipar of my czarina (haha) today which will be held in villa concepcion and tomorrow will be my enrollment in san beda. Of course doing one of those things will eradicate the other event. But birthdays come to pass every one day of the three hundred sixty and five. So then, I pursue on my practice once again – the art of escaping obligations – in the house.

…saka importante sakin ung celebrant noh?

Four-thirty was the venue and mcdonald’s was the time. yet, peria isn’t appearing on sight. And by which, we end up disembarking there by eight… a true Filipino spirit, to function of. Upon arriving there, we paid (or I mean, I paid) the fee in order to cross the threshold. Bringing my bag and shoving it to the cottage was a little less burden than being harassed by classmates of mine hugging me while they’re wet by the waters of the pool. waha. Frankly, I do love it too, especially Richmond and Kristen! Haha. total irony – from fat, to thin! But before I knew it, my clothes were soaking wet minor. To some who didn’t come, here’s a list of the s.l. persons who attended:

– El banidosa
– Papa Irwin
– Choknat koh
– Barney
– Christine joy – watch this one out!
– Kuya paul. Wenks.
– Czarin (xempeh)
– Aj
– Peria
– Mark
– Jed
– Verni
– Kira, mi estrela
– and sexy me. ^^

There they ate their all-time favorite white spag and falabowk, while I, stuck on smelting it and imbibing a nature’s harvest pinyapol juice. Peria’s right, I should have eaten here rather than eating at home.

After few minutes of vagueness conversations, some decided to plunge the seven feet pool. others, which includes me, rich, choknat koh, peria, jed, and aj were hanging by the nearby cottage, throwing out some tête-à-tête to one another. And before I forgot, mark was there, again, for the fact that kristen was there. haha. after an infinitesimal time of nonsense, we decided to leave mark and choknat koh alone and follow the will of the swimming pool. dive in!

To this extent, the pool’s temperature’s not that cold as of I experienced every night shift tipars. Due to summer’s humidity, it appears to be a little lukewarm. We immerse and whirl and dove up to our lung’s extent. By that time, I was getting back-and-forth lessons to the bathroom. Too much fluid stored before swimming. ^^

Then a wonderful skit abound. It came from czarina’s lil’ sister joy, who was quite… drunk I guess, after taking shots of empi by her own. and as far as we are seeing, it’s time to lend a helping throat. Hehe. this time I scrutinize the motion of circle and whoa, I saw the professed “matibay” who’s peria is…drop down, drunk. Haha. love the sleep talk and all!

Helping hand also is at need here. verni, who was too much of the alchohol was accompanied by me. tipsy he is, nausea was seen, and headache was the load. And what suppose to be a time to seduce someone is turned to be a help for verni. Haha. you know who you are. ^^

After the drunks had their time and slept, we head again to the pool and open fire on aj’s weakness – ragnarok issues nuisance. No need to broaden this one up. then after which, I lead my coalition to the place where they think it’s too scary to knob (I think it’s really that scary to easy to scare, scared people, but for me…nah. I hate this feelin.). and investigating the area amuse me more than it scares my classmates. But we all have one thought for the place residence – “what’s the story behind these huge place being abandoned?” creepy.

Morning it was and all was left in the villa was no-curfew people. the girls depart early in the morning, together with the foods. And what’s left for us is… master starvation. haha.

We make our mind up by going to marghie’s swimming lessons, since she misses us (daw. actually lagi naman eh). then we walk from villa concepcion to gems… a morning exercise! Phew.

in the lead, sexy was having her swimming lessons together with her ate leslie. While some parted due to major exhaustion, peria and i was left there, waiting for marghie to ascend from the pool. and so after she dressed up, she joins my company and decided that she will stay at our house (or I mean my grandma’s house). Entering my house with the expectation of being scolded, I mind not, because i already had the tolerance for it.

nagdala ka nanaman ng babae sa bahay!

good thing I didn’t hear those words, again. haha.


~ by protagonist on May 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “wen is dey ti phur.”

  1. whahahahahahaha…lqng gnwa kundi 2mwa while reading dis ppost..hmmmp..

  2. n-n-n-n-a-k-s!! hahahahaha XD

    ka-tatz naman bentot!

    ngeon q lan nabasa, sayang!

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