i think i’m back.

After one week of just messing around in the sofa bed and bedroom floor, I thought of using my extra load to enter again the haven of my former mates – the cellular affairs. But before the unlimited activation, I still inflict a minus on my extra load by texting “her”. but you know what I’ve got? here: a simple “goodnight! 🙂” and other whatnots after almost one week of no communication?! well I say,” whatever!

But before my mood again exacerbates, I decided to send at least 80 group messages for them to realize that I’m back. somehow it was worth it because I had floods of text messages after then. By counting it, I had 275 text messages by just 1 hour of texting. They sure do miss me eh? haha. and though I seemed to confer an approach to them for the past days because of “her”, I have concluded again that friends are friends and whatevers are whatevers. And so, gramps was then right, right about unshackling from the branch of the brokens. What he said is not only about what have become of my relationships towards my family members and other clan associates, but also to some relationships as well. time to move on kid, time to separate the facts from fictions. You are no longer a kid to be meddling with fairy tales. time to hit those textbooks and social contributions. and one advice he say,

even you do forget your special someone’s birthday, as long as you don’t forget your own, you can still have a day to celebrate, isn’t it?

march 4, march 5, november 13? Would I still care if the person involved in the dates doesn’t care for me at all? I should forget it, right, right!?

carpe diem.

~ by protagonist on May 11, 2007.

5 Responses to “i think i’m back.”

  1. See you at the disco (or swimming le pool) where everyone seems to panic!…



    1st one, yet again…XD

  2. well then, welcome back!!^^

    hey, i demand you post some comments on me too!!

    LOL. j/k.

    swing the stars,

  3. lol. why don’t you check em out on myspace, ben. they’ve gots a copy.

    http://www.myspace.com/kenotia. and in purevolume: http://www.purevolume.com/kenotia. the title is decorating for cinco de mayo.

    uh… i’m not sure if you’re allowed to download it.. haha.

    i have one. haha.

    count the stars,

  4. well count me in the party!!

    its time to party baby!!

    kip movin’

  5. new URL. update.

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