modus operandi la billionaire’

today I’ll discuss to you everything on how to be a billionaire.

First you need the following in order to follow the steps.

  • A gramps that has a billion riches
  • Time
  • One hundred peso allowance
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Listening Skills
  • Physical Strength

Step one: the most important thing you must had here is time, for without it, everything fails. Then the things you need to bring are one hundred peso allowance for commutation purposes, confidence, patience, listening skills, and physical strength. Be ready for all the things you will face.
Step two: travel from antipolo to hometown taytay. Budget the one hundred peso allowance.
Step three: upon arrival, if gramp’s and granny’s house is a dead bolt, use patience here. Wait until a person attends to your needs, which will eventually came by then.
Step four: entering the environs of the mansion, you will be welcomed by granny. Wait again for the arrival of gramps because appointment you have is for him.
Step five: when he arrives, “mano po” will be a great tool for this. old people with passionate lives must be bestowed with this.
Step six: help him with all the necessities he had brought to the house. Example of which is the loads of window mirrors, containers of colas, and carpenter materials.
Step seven: this step will be in most need for physical strength. Carry all the loads and follow the method that will be given to you by gramps. the activity will give you drop-down-dirty hands.
Step eight: hand him a bottle of Coca Cola and a slice of Buko Pie. Be sure you get one for yourself.
Step nine: enter the façade of the mansion and head straight to gramp’s room. Get ready for a long time interview and a big deal of lessons in life.
Step ten: patience to take time listening, confidence in answering, and listening skills for everything. it will take three hours for it.
Step eleven: after the session, take all given stuffs that will be given to you. one of which is one of his most prized ball pen possession.
Step twelve: bid farewell to the both. if granny’s inaccessible due to relocation of business, have gramps take both farewell. “mano po” again.
Step thirteen: go home on your own means and at all cause. Be sure to remember all things, thus advices, given to you. also, be back for more of this.

Now that I’ve given to you the step by step procedure of becoming a billionaire, it’s all up to you for the next steps and all. Just remember these two things: emancipate from the broken world and live life on a social side. that way, you’ll end up in a billionaire’s side. nyahaha.

carpe diem.


~ by protagonist on May 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “modus operandi la billionaire’”

  1. drop-down…. funny.^^ haha.

  2. So to sum it up let me give you a word for thought of some sort:

    Greed is still freakin’ GOOD!!!!!!!


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