katy’s aftermath.

and if it suppose to be not believing but still occupied by sense. you know what I feel, you didn’t know what’s yours. coz you’re already dead. are we ready? i didn’t think you would only think about yourself. what about me? there was no love, no love after all.

left with nothing. left with tears. left with all I’ve got. should throw everything away and find someone better than you. the closest memories swept in all of damsel’s dilemma in distress. i didn’t said don’t go. you said you never will too. you did. look what I’ve found – this ruined puzzle – based with the pieces of faced down.

the pages stayed pressed, the chapters unfinished, the stories to daunt one fault. but the hours they creep. the patterns repeat. don’t be concerned. i’ll be fine on my own. i never said don’t go.

coz you’re gone, I got nothing. but remember, i never said goodbye.

made me ok, i missed you.



~ by protagonist on May 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “katy’s aftermath.”

  1. Spinning Frenzy


  2. hMmMm… Dyiele is so helpful he helps people who needs his help I’m glad that I’ved known him even though were not that close… So thnx for everthing that you’ved done to me…

  3. it made me cry.
    it made me sob some more.
    it made me laugh.
    coz he’s too much to ignore.

    PS: is this for me? i kinda have the feeling. lol…

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