so be it.

Our earthly bodies that have been deprived with all but nourished and grow. It turns out to be a simple yet complicated life, as it seems. I manage still to keep up on posting even odds and ends are yet to come, for this one is for my beloved uncle who just reached our Greatest Manufacturer today, 12:26 am, due to Cirrhosis and of the lungs. even my eyes are starting to sore due to gushing waters on the corners of my eyes, I wipe emotions of vividness as miracle won’t listen. And when I heard the five-zero five zero ratio, things just gets blurry. Same incident for my far but has the closeness to me auntie, where she had breast cancer after my graduation day. now they’re starting to depart in a manner of one, two, three. Hence, the same as learning A, B, C. I guess it’s really over when it’s really your time – time gave you time.

“If its God’s will, then so be it”

But I’m having weird thoughts because of this unexplainable fact in our clan community and place of residence. if one will die, another and another one will follow next. (this superstition is supported today and by later events. As of now, we have five rested bodies, plus my uncle, which equals six.)

I just wonder: will I be next and be the seventh in the list? Who would be with me through all of it?

I need an answer .

toodles. carpe diem. safe trip to you, my much-loved uncle, and friend.


~ by protagonist on May 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “so be it.”

  1. condolence, my friend.

    know that it is not about how long your uncle lived, but how he lived his life–a much-loved uncle and a friend.

    i also had the same experience. my uncle died on valentine’s day, two year ago. i guess it’s God’s will for him. it’s also His will for your uncle.

    safe sailing, amigo.

  2. Condolence…Condolence…

    One message for you pal:

    Ces’t La Vie…


  3. i lay to you my greatest sympathy my friend…

    its really hard to lose someone,,

    just kip movin’

  4. guys. guys. i appreciate your deepest concerns and all. it’s just that the person on the post is so not that phatjerk you’re thinking of.. don’t get what i mean? read. it you already did, read again. that way you won’t mistake it for some loser crap the next time. thanks!

    safe sailing,
    katy. ^^

  5. I need change. and so is my blog.

    I moved it to i hate my memories in the former one. please check it out nlang. hehe. tnx!!

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