carpe diem.

…is that all we know is nothing.

today my precious and my most beloved mother and I will be going to san beda to acquire the last chuck to compel myself in. start of sunrise, I am bestowed with the strength to have an uplift for my body going downstairs and an upraise coming from text messages. Though I haven’t got that specific message I am waiting, I am still preoccupied with immeasurable feats of what to be expected, then least expecting. But so on and on, I continue to brush my teeth, be soaked, and pamper myself up.

Holding the brown enveloped repacked with application forms and magnijestures on the right hand and my favorite two-years old cellular phone on the right. though I am able to manage myself watching, waiting, and quivering on jeepneys, light railway transits, mom still insist on accompanying me and having all costs paid for (except the enrollment). Upon arriving we end up meeting papa Irwin and her mother. There our mothers chatted more than the steps we take. We end up at jolibee after the step by step enrollment. There in jolibee was a more like a haven. Nowhere to be seated except the tables occupied by college gorgeous ladies of the different ages. Unfortunate am I… I was replaced on a table I am speaking off. good thing my tablemate is pretty…nice. Hehe. (Irwin thought also). Then my plan for world peace came to a prologue. My mother left me an amount and left. She was going to mallmega, while I, came to drag myself on irwin’s company before I go to “that” place. step one was accomplished.

Lrt here, lrt there. finally papa irwin’s mom signed all things on the credit card booth and poof! a free tumbler. Well she left us in distance quartet for my plan. Now the second thing’s accomplished. I had reinforcement.

We traced none steps first at gateway, then at mallmega, then at some nice sony tricks plus bricks. Walk here, stroll there. saw tv personalities, seen marvelous sightings. lrt we go, drop at rob were on. And so the last destination’s on foot. Only two hours away and she’s going to see me again, after two years of none.

But first we outcrop the pike of stalls in Robinsons including artworks and fanciful comic alley world. One of it would be the guerilla store where we sat foot like we were having a home. papa Irwin’s havin’ his/her timeout on a one-hundred peso red jump suit apparatus (say it’s more like a pants), while I, had the red-white-black-grey-scaled gothic polo. Before we know it, minus for our budget.

Relax time. we are sitting docks at Go Donuts and KFC’s open spacio while toasting our mouths with saliva-droughty stories. There we waited for verna allyza gutlay.


She approach us in a manner of closeness. Still that timid, quiet and revolting attitude with a hint of charm. there she stood glaring at her phone and glancing at me. papa Irwin used my mickey mickey to quick look her unnoticeably. Me, on a part, just keep on having conversations with them two. But so-long, we were then yank on the basement floor.

I SAW VON GUTLAY! Haha. still that chubby and naughty (can I erase naughty? Coz that can only be applicable to my lil sister). I saw also verna’s so-called “tita”. the only person in her family who negates me last time. dunno why.

Dang is the word. That’s why they’re here is because they will fetch ching-ching today. taenang timing yan. Oh and whatever. Even if she is too persistent and I too, today’s not a day for us. Kacheng!

Now papa Irwin and I left all worries as we rode on an FX moving forward in antipolo proper.

What a day.

noodles. Btw, let’s bring back something formed from my past. Adding another pseudonym…

toodles, carpe diem.


~ by protagonist on April 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “carpe diem.”

  1. hmmm…so e2 pla ung gm mu nun n andami nyung pinuntahan..hmp..sna kxma aq..haha..

  2. san ka nga ba magco-college?

  3. awwww… nililigawan mu b c czar?? tanung lang kaibigan…

    nweiz kailan tau mgblebleach?? ngpraktis aq mgragnarok eh!! the point is kita kita nmn tau! hahahahah lau nuh?!


    kip Yearning!!

  4. Benedict’s post wouldn’t be complete without criticizing some ladies…I wonder why???


  5. seize the day!^^

  6. hmm…. chill adventure!! oha… tae… we can do in some other time…. pwede ba?? ehehe…

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