persistency is not always persistent.

cuz jharmie’s affair with Joshua is about to happen today. and with me, stuck in the multiple-cornered place of ours, I decided to play the game of hers, or I mean be an adjunct to. After lunch and 3 hours of waiting, rich and sym arrived at granny’s place and fetched us on the way to them (a technique to lessen the costs!). minutes then we arrived there and started to relax. The dog is out-of-sight and nowhere to be found – we go and get him.

Great, the same big tree in needing for attention was our needing for a shade. Hence, blah blah, whatnots, whatevers is with us that afternoon. Btw, though i’m not in a mood to appeal this, but a need it is, i think.

– Joshua didn’t even treat us to whatever. Not a single penny to accommodate. And he even thinks that i’m joking! guess what, Richmond or Jed, i think, did joshua’s “must be” part. i feel embarrassed for having richmond’s (and jed’s too) purse to have a minus (even though he had that attitude) but for God’s sake! ahh whatever. [drop-dead pissed off]
– There are people whose words are ten times lying, but having that single truth. That makes it too harsh for me. honesty is I need all honey. (don’t mistake the word. I’m still single! Haha).

Just a realization for the measures that happened today at pines city royale: the title of the post, my dear.

p.s. texting is fun, really! haha. tnx czaaaaaaaaaar. nyahaha.

that didn’t eliminate my virulence, it just lessens. Grr…



~ by protagonist on April 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “persistency is not always persistent.”

  1. Where’s my SILKROAD!!!!! My hair, it’s everywhere!!!!!!


  2. Haiz joshua should be able to find a love!


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