adududu adadada pizza!

Read this in a manga manner.


the day it is. just when a plan arranged by me and melody for patty’s birthday is starting to be held in pizza hut, our craving’s left off. red ribbon was the venue, though we really crave for a slice of cheesy volcano. Melody and “her” Jed arrived first, then came the celebrant, me, then lastly, choknat kow with the accompaniment of her lily bro. when I arrived there, I was welcomed by the Hershey’s nuggets pasalubong of patty. But then, at the prologue of the blow-out, we talked and throw words containing the missing each other sensuality. (especially Kristen). Then we positioned ourselves to the six-chaired table with a non-tappet. Talking again was the matter and medium before ordering. We bombarded every little piece of “pizza hint” to expel us here and head straight to pizza hut. but unfortunately, unfortunate. We just ate whatever we ordered, stroked a pose to the cam and cell-cam, and talked what we missed about each other. It ended in a good conclusion, though I still crave for a slice. Yum yum. Now where’s my sansrival?!!!

Then we wait for tomorrows ahead.

Adududu Adadada pizZa!”

START HERE >>>> 2 days from the so-so event, I managed everything in place. from time, to place, to people, to myself. I became a party planner in just time. why am I doing this anyway? for food, for the pasalubong, for everything! haha. whatever. after which, melodina macabuhay “texted” me about the upcoming blow-out. She asked the info’s and simply don’t know where to start, so I asked her a bit. one thing and one song was a mind-set between us two:


~ by protagonist on April 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “adududu adadada pizza!”

  1. I Love PIZZA!!!


  2. planner!..nakx!..

    swimming nmn next!..haha..

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