chances and brought backs.

Yesterday was nothing but a great deal of hot and burning tediousness. For the long run, a spell of shower would prefer not than setting yourself in a cold, neither warm, bathing puddle. The intensity of crave in pulling the trigger trap swim fun is nowhere to be spotted. Such disdain we have for not having sponsors or anything under the sun.

Then in a relieving moment, it was evening faster to imagine.

I establish a plan on returning to our last summer’s primary hangout – the parlor façade. Cousin accompanies and brown shirt and white dresses to accommodate. And there was a wonderful caricature of intimacy, outside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy, with best friend. Don’t get me wrong, she was this warm since then. She do not need to put up a rosary inside her lingerie since two fixed proportions were there, none the less. I had nothing to complain since I… never mind.

subsequently, “pudding” land to where we are posed. The roaches reached us to by means of their too much creepy-crawly and implausible falsies. What I didn’t mean is what I get there. she always had the hand for my position, while I, damn. forgive my sins, coz’ you gave me the daily doze of what’s mind I’m next and full of friction.


~ by protagonist on April 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “chances and brought backs.”

  1. uh-huh..

    twinkle, twinkle!

  2. And then I said “Build God, Then we’ll talk…”

    Oh, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy!!!

    Ces’t La Vie…

  3. aww yeah!

    summers hot!

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