i can’t tell.

summer, summer, summer. Three summers passed and this one will not be the same as that. not to define as summer fun or summer romance. I’m missin’ them, I’m missin’ her (and a complicated matter)

Being alleviated not, I scourge myself with boredom and just. To think that what I am doing was still relevant to a great summer experience before college, I find every little thing to let myself out of this neighboring. Expecting text messages from everyone, especially from her (again, complicated), and from every single person to whom even I, don’t know. And verni so delivered a night shift movie galore in boni street, plus the upcoming tipar, plus what’s next on his unordered list. But because I really miss everyone else, i am anxious for what not seemed to be anxious about. I just got this feeling of plagiarism again, that’s all. All worthy and praise I get yes, even without it has. Then what seemed to be the same is… the same.

Where’s my stellar? Where’s my Cinderella story? Where’s the so-called “summer”?

dang. I’m sticking my eyes and brains again to internet junks and National Geographic Channel specials.

now with strings, attached. there’s seemed to be a problem though = i forgot the music sheets.

dang. must stick my fingerlings to guitar strings again.


~ by protagonist on April 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “i can’t tell.”

  1. HEY 🙂 im loving your posts!

    come by and hit me, oryt??

    much love, Lorraine

  2. yeah right! most boring part unholy holy week

    arent i a loyal fan!

    *duh! hahahah

    O_o \m/

  3. Well well well…I’m the top guy eh??? You should make my name color different so that I can be differentiated from them all!!!!

    Ces’t La Vie….

  4. LOL. well, as sy would say…

    ces’t la vie!!^^

    love the lights,
    or kira.
    or… whateverrrrrrr.

  5. awww…

    haha..npadaan lng!..mishu!

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