one three hill.

there’s supposed to be a getaway today. i awoke ten and slept four. the National Geographic channel shows that feature almost all things i was interested in – from paranoids of the Bermuda triangle, to the outmost shocking aliens – were amass in one night.

{ ( acumen + oddity ) * insomnia } – forty winks = highly nerve impulses

in short, the headache formula. great, one sip of coffee should divulge this head agony. cousin buge wasn’t here. she was next to the next neighborhood. So that means no plan to dip myself in tights and jeans.

Doodling notes to my blog updates, papa irwin texted me, with a little eagerness. but i’m getting upset with this Microsoft word for making ACCEPTABLE VOCABULARIES underlined by a red crooked line. Buying no time for something worthwhile, again, we decide to sway verni’s house. And so we did, just by arriving there.

here we are, the room where I slept first time for that first time. a little ventilated than my room, a much more quiet version, for sure. we sat and laid there for the entire afternoon. we watched fire manipulators, stretching to-the-limits pirates, American idols, stupid commercial contests, and an heir teacher. we shared smokes, ideas, and chocolate-flavored water in a Nestea Shaker urn. the moments were a little mind-numbing, but the fun is there. after…

went home. accompanied by papa and baklava. headed to best jhat2’s house for the first time and visited r3 again after a long time.



~ by protagonist on April 10, 2007.

7 Responses to “one three hill.”

  1. gawd, i watch ONE TREE HILL. ahaha!!^^

    btw, tnx for the taggie. it’s… encouraging. ahaha!!^^

  2. oh i see… i’m having headaches, too. LOL.^^

  3. r3 is a great place to be….And don’t worry bout’ that header too much…

    Ces’t La Vie…

  4. yess! atlast! ui astig ng bLog mu ha. ang danDa danDa=) d nah nga q ngbasa e.. waha=) bsta nkapgcOment lng.. nyahaha.. tnx dOn sa ym ha=)

    cge teecee!=) yehey

  5. waw..haha..buti p kau my mga gala2 khit p2nu..haha…anlapit nyu lng xe s isat-isa eh..c baby lng meju mlau..hmp..

  6. ehem…….

    la lng… npdaan e… ehehe….. teka…

    la lng…..


  7. tsk tsk tsk…when it is summer…we never sleep ~___~

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