passion for a passion.

I wish I lived in the time of Jesus, so there I could learn from him and be more poetical than what I am right now. I wish I had lived in that era to eradicate all vices, computers and words I did not meant to be in. dreamt to be there so I can stop what was abound to happen. Hope that I could be there so love is so sacred and not of what i’m in right now. If only I could be there, I could have stopped or changed something. but fate is fate right? I can never do such thing…

…because thy Father’s will is already accomplished.

a time of distress, an instance of awakening, a moment of the up-to-the-minute christen, a direct to alarm alarm clocks – past twelve it was. I was texting freaka-verni after having his spontaneous near-death life. he had these toiled emotion towards his father or whatsoever, plunging himself into a situation I only see and hear in television sets and radio stations. Or so part of artywonkies is just, you know, deal with it, and fix it. and so far, the crisis ends.

turning the channels and searching for something that will provoke me of not sleeping still, I end up on CZTAR movies. And because it’s Easter Sunday or a day of the holy week, they sure do plan always on showing this dramatic act entitled “The Passion of Christ”. We’ll I’ve got nothing to lose and I’ve got nothing to do except watch, I tuned in.


~ by protagonist on April 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “passion for a passion.”

  1. artywonkies????

  2. Well, well…If ya’ can’t beat em’ then join em’.
    Our blogs are somewhat twins don’t cha’ think????

    Ces’t La Vie…

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