saturday’s changes is like forever.

Here we go again (czar?). the point again where I again do the things I did yesterday. Wasn’t sure of what’s next because there was really nothing to expect mysterious this day. my unlimited again is deteriorating with just group messages and slight private messages. Dang the fact that every time some of us are on this unlimited state, the good ones doesn’t. so far, she’s not around too. I must not do freak show again. thus, i do not have the effort again to have an extra load. so, stick to unlimited boredness again (eiyah mam vitug! I’m lovin’ the word!).

In my surprise, while we were having a conversation about yesterday’s pokemon tourney, tita then announced that us will be transporting ourselves into my left hometown – taytay – to see and attend a riches party. I did not mind. We continue our discussion until I end up leaving them to dress myself up. shortly after, we arrived at the venue (the venue is our compound. and notice that, shortly). Looking around I saw a restaurant built half of the compound (looks like a big money was stashed here). I saw too two gorgeous gals who then return glances on me (they were age 18 to 20 if I may estimate). i just passed by their apartments after giving their beautiful eyes moving. And so we then overlooked everyone sitting outside. They run towards us, and what to expect, hugs and kisses.

“mano dito, mano doon. Filipinos are still obedient”

I sat down texting with papa Irwin at the prelude of the party while eating exoteric cracker squids and maliavantness red colored juice. One by one I faced the riches and their subordinates. Then when I had the hand to escapehood, I run towards the oldest play tool I used, the playground swing. Wait… how about shifting this into my state? Here goes.

When I walked towards the playground swing who played me and keep me balanced and fallen when in my childhood, I remember everything else around. I sat down the swing and suddenly realized that the place where this swing stands is where our oldest nipa hut resides. That place which makes my rainy days a little bit more exciting because the rain water falls on the roof like sounds of a childish game. now it’s gone like the wind that blows in my eyes. Then I turned my eyes to look and decide to enter our mansion. Suddenly my richest grandfather scolded me and said, “ba’t ka pupunta diyan? May umuupa dyan!”. Did I just here somebody lives there? hey, it’s our house gramps! But he never listens and turned my back on me. I did the last glimpse before returning to the tipar… one last look at our… at someone’s big xet house. I replaced myself again in the swinging chair and looked at my cellular phone – 43 messages received. and oh, i’m disturbed by the children who was using English language as their conversation medium. this was the one of the most irreparable part of my reflection. don’t get me wrong, they are five years old below. They irritate me. get loss special children, though I seemed one. finally, i faced the hollow skies and unploshed stars, realized again that all was lost with just time itself moving.

I’d like to broaden what miguel (my childhood bestfriend) talked about. So many changes happen, too little to expect from people and places left behind. but because it’s too confidential, maybe I could only say… toodles for missin’ my chowlmate, toodles for texting dianne short time tonight!

(i think i’m losing my touch, ayt? look at some usage of words or formulations. and for that, hey readers with reading problems, now’s your chance!)



~ by protagonist on April 7, 2007.

One Response to “saturday’s changes is like forever.”

  1. 1st one…yet again…

    Why am I not surprised?

    Anong oras b bleach parteh ntin??? Gs2 q n durugin ung mga “Tanga”…HEHEHEHEHE…XD

    Ces’t La Vie…

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