what’s good in Good Friday?

I still can’t believe why good Friday is called good when I found nothing good in it today? suppose I should get a little anger management or a big vacation for this one. it’s holy week and I’m still stuck with a damned world, I presume. The exasperation I am having while sitting docks on the hardest sofa bed ever. though I can’t seem to get a viscosity and a right amount of emotion to spice up everyday in this vacation, I rush to nearest persons I can find – my dimwitted, stupid, but heavenly great cousins. And would you believe? nevermind all the things stated above!

Staying at the neighborhood for the whole afternoon isn’t that bad after all. In fact we had again lolo (chipoy to be exactly exact) here that makes it more childish than ever (even though he’s on the fourth year). mac, mec, buge, and lorraine are scramming for a piece of pokemon attitude so we decided to went to that participation grounds. We then saw the crowds going crazy as I, came (stupid. I forgot I was the former champion). The management then called me and asked if my cronies are up for their challenge. i let them in just because they can use my modified decks and their learned skills as well. unfortunate for my part, I didn’t have the chance to participate in the tourney because of the fact that we should give chance to others. The board at that moment decided on making me an official since I was there too on no-purpose but to observe and pokestare. They offer a whooping one hundred peso for the single cup they were having (sorry czar ayaw nla ng 200 eh). Not bad eh? the matches starts and ends, of course. I saw about 25 contestants who lost and defeat themselves for whatever they might believe in (I tell you, some players shouted when they suddenly loses. I even saw a 31, I think, man who did that thing). drat, we can’t blame them eh? it’s their passion somehow… poke… mon. oh before I forget, my cousin won the tournament with a cash price of seven-hundred and fifty. Diretschong chowking after ng prusisyon eh!

Speaking of the “prusisyon”, we walked about the distance of r3 x four maybe? Starting from our spacionita (spacio plus eskinita, I prefer), we walked and be seen by choknat koh unknowingly (she did, I didn’t. that was the sad part there. I miss her pa naman. Sabi nya gwapo koh nun? Haha we’ll see). After which we walked and saw vendors blocking the Merriam Webster hallway. Not much to be explained well, we manage to keep ourselves in the church crowd and find our own spot to be. We three then to knock down a bit energy by saddling over the police car. We talk and talk while waiting for the eight chariot to cross (I don’t know why the eighth). Then we followed after it. while walking down with the numerous devotees and non-devotees, a sudden pinch was made coming from my back. A normal person would look right? I did not. I continue walking and again, it pinched me again. I stare with some provocation and found four girls walking behind us. They said whatnots about me and duh, should I believe? I never look at the mirror within this day. I did not mind their flirtations and pushed forward. Still they were following. After walking while being followed, we bumped into a Chinese gal infront. She looks like… wait… I forgot the name of that asian beauty. She then laughs at us with a caressed voice to consider. Suddenly, I looked left to right and found out… we’re being surrounded by girls of the same age, and what’s worst, attracted to us… (don’t get me wrong if I continue). and finally, end of procession. Look at the last sentence of the second paragraph. The girls we saw in that “prusisyon” followed us and oh, napasubo si insan. Seven hundred fifty became three hundred I think? Good thing we have our own moneys to consider. Good thing also, the girls are on some riches. and oh, i stared at the chinese faced girl for about the whole time there! and also, she did too… patay (to tell you, she’s soooooooooo cute!). hays… (now you’ll see what choknat koh means). Sana sinama kuh talaga c… xa! d kxe pedeng tumakas eh! bawal din ata piyansa! hmf.

And here goes the spice of my night!

I’m checking my beloved blog and I’ve found 3 comments with one expected one. without knowing the password to the post, I did not able to open, so… you’ve guess it right, I opened it (am I still myself?). click there, click here till I found out, read it and be disappointed with the part that – it was not serious – to be nearly serious at all. Then I started putting up a freak show and moving my pc chair in a three hundred and sixty degrees motion. Never know what to do, I translate every word I could possibly think in my mind into our own language and poof* a mess. Haha… I love reading it! though nabad3p talaga me at the start… 😦

but still, ayabyuvewimatz parin. I’m sorry too. you know I didn’t mean it, and I also know that you didn’t mean it.



~ by protagonist on April 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “what’s good in Good Friday?”

  1. 1st comment nnmn!!? You should consider giving me some refreshing give-aways for my undying commentos (comment + mentos = commentos…Get it huh??? No, Darn it!!!) Anyhow, I did see that comment on you password protected post. Aren’t cha’ a little happy about her comment??? Though I don’t know what did she said there but…yeah… Hahahaha…Easy k lng kc….Relax just like the other rat said…

    Ces’t La Vie…

  2. hay naku, ang haba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anu beh?! haha

  3. whaha..crushie..finally..my fon n ulit kmi..at gudluck nmn..sna dna manakaw ulit..nweiz..haha..oh db?..haha..believe me..choknut mq eh..haha..gwapo k tlga nun!..whahaha…so sad nga lng..d kta ntwag..dmu nga q nkita e..haha..bilis xe n kuya magdrive.hmp!.

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