in fact, i am. wait what am I answering? dang I am getting a little freakazoid for this vacation and it turns out to be, one hell of a vacation. i figure out again why some people relay to me that they die craving for a school day. damn they were right after all. and for what I am feeling, seeing, receiving, and manifesting right now, i am dying to too.

i derived from my house by jharmie as she reminded me about our trip to her school later. well this is one way of maintaining my adventuresses and un-boring mood. i started again by waking and going straight to my pc (mundane huh?). i placed and double pressed the right button of the mouse to the application “Visual Boy Advance” and partly antagonized by the storyline by rejecting the whole time for preparation. after which goes jharmie at the front gate, yelling my name and telling that it was departure for us. not much to panic coz it’s not much to panic (“brilliant but lazy person” reasons). so with time to spare, i rushed and ate and dressed up. oh did I mention I did not bathe? i got lazy again. then there we walk passed DSL and TAGS and Verni’s house and whatnots and finally, arrived at the premises of her school. now the winds here are too heavy that will surely makes you nostalgic… then so the mind fades.

(the school wind blows and so)

I miss my classmates, my chowlmate and my great cohorts. there’s so much things i had to consider doing with them in the school grounds, whatever grounds, or on no-grounds. much to tell of the stories and much to feel for their presences. how unfortunate for me, or if I know, for them also. and because my emotions right now is tottered by the so-much and overflowing expression of “i miss you” and “I love you” in the never-failing group messages, i definitely head to the sixteenth word of this post.

time fleets like ten years it may have to pass. i really longed for the hot atmosphere in my seat the last time, where my soul mate also resides. i miss also the part of clanging too much of what’s next and what’s hot in the classroom buzz. oh, that includes me. i miss still everything else. i will not put it all up here, luckily.

(wind fades as we went home)

distress still as I face my personal computer still (still is my word for the day). i play continuous hours in these counting days with this two-dimensional drop-down going dead graphics of final fantasy six, courtesy of visual boy advance (i mean it. drop-down dead graphics, or sadly to say, DEAD graphics). if it’s the case of doing something worthwhile, then this might come handy for RPG skilled gamers like me. but for some, nah… just stick with your household chores.

now after a long boring day, i still face my pc, putting up this post while texting 2 persons I loved. to be honest, i hate this way that globe wants us to use such pins for us to share a load and wasting too much time making us unlimited! good thing I had this sharp memory and patience for such given matters.

pero HINDI AKO MAYAMAN ha? teehee 😉



~ by protagonist on April 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “miscol.”

  1. I ain’t said nothin’!!! XD

    Ces’t La Vie…

  2. aww….haay…lalu 2loy aq nsad…kamiss tlga..srap magreminisce..peo…haaayyy..ns2b q nlng..”dna mba2lik un”…aww…kasad..

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