birthday for seven minus the ten.

Richmond’s birthday isn’t today right? and why 17 he is? he looks younger though. I prefer seven years old. and please, this post contains grammatical errors. no self-proclamations and declarations please. 😉

1. Why head to their house eating their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious shiumai?
2. Why stay in the corner street playing hard knocks or waiting for a gang war?
3. Who thought of sitting undertree manifested on the grounds of a weirdo park?
4. Where play DOTA on that place were a stand fan, cement wall covered with none?
5. Who saw testosterone boy and harlequin girl do things I wanted to do at my room?
6. What would be a soft drink other than a soft drink other than RC?
7. Why did everyone throw that name on me too much when they know it’s true?
8. Why Sexy Marghie’s affection for me greatly increases lately?
9. What is the demand of a John Benedict Caluma Leyva these days huh?
10. Why is Sir. Dodie not around?
11. Why is Astrid so overprotected with her cap when I only want is to borrow it?
12. What does enjoyment for Melodina is when there is Jed?
13. Where is Jeffrey?
14. Why in the world did that name didn’t tell me sooner?
15. Why am I missing her still?
16. Why is everyone so curious about something about me?
17. Why am I typing too many questions when I can only say…?




~ by protagonist on April 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “birthday for seven minus the ten.”

  1. If your looking for some answers, this might might provide some nibbles:

    1. It’s the best shumai in the whole wide world, dammit!!!!
    2. Curiosity or for killing time.
    3. The seven year old birthday bui, perhaps?
    4. Somewhere…
    5. no comment…
    6. Hey! Its the cheapest one out there!
    7. Just for cofirmation. Or maybe they want to make fun of you… I’m not included in their agendas,man…
    8. Because you’re hairy??? Better ask her..
    9. Go ask your demanding consumers…
    10. Partying!!! Relax!!!
    11. She has??? I didn’t noticed that..
    12. I know you know Melody very well. Of course she’s really diggin’ it…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
    13. There he is!!!
    14. Why in the world do you wanna know???
    15. Dude, I feel you pain too… I’m missing my stellar so badly…Huhuhuhuhu…
    16. They’re always curious about someone. Especially when it comes to “LURVV”
    17. Ya’ said it right!!!!

    There you go… Anyway, the party was fun. I really love those shumai…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Love…and…Lights (Ces’t La Vie…)

  2. duh?

  3. e2 na…wahehe..^_^ ganda naman ng site mu… nagulat aq dun sa pic mong nka-hubad akala q m0nster?! joke lang,kua!!^_^ bleh…=p wahehehehe….=p bsta, the best ung site mu…^_^

  4. HEY!!^^ it’s back!!

  5. wahahhahahahahaha!….dat’s ol i can say..

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