lying and talking to czar is the best thing i had without taking alcohol, vomiting, going topsy-turvy, mastering your focus, maintaning balance, cigar smoking, and taking clothes off.

Here am I again, facing Microsoft word and posting something to keep people reading my blog. haha ang drama. Well here goes for our last but VERY memorable perwel (nevermind the spelling)

It was the date I’ve been waiting for. I so longed for this day to let her know my virulence inside. I need this day and all I need is her right now. two hundred is nothing compared to what will happen there. so I let the money vanish into my palms and into the so-called “perwel tipar”. The date’s two and followed by an eight. And since we had to come up with an extension, the eight will be replaced by a nine. So there’s the date (I suggest you extend your patience in reading this. this will be a long post with a long title so I suggest you extend your internet time in the counter near you.)

My loyal pet Joshua just got hooked by my bait that he will accompany me since I had none. He partly came with his outworn porma. I told him that jharmie just left and oops, good thing for me coz they we might end up being late for the clubhouse meeting. And so he waited for this highness to pack everything and tada, all’s set for the party! We left our house at a quarter before three.

We headed to the clubhouse by means of walking. In such manner we find out how steep the slope of primavera be and how late Filipinos are. Tingeljeff was there, together with sym and gel. We sat down there waiting for the others. One, two, three, dah stop counting! I had enough of numbers and waiting. We finally head in the place in the clock-struck exactly six. And I can never forget how she accompanied her. “Selos” if you might say in tagalong words. But rights persist? Nah.

Continue. We then check the area and find out that the place still… sucks. Not much of the place we saw two years ago: the rice cookers, refrigerators, a double deck, and much of a space. But still we had the place, that’s what’s important right now. finally they picked everything and putted all of them in whatever place it can occupy. We patrol the area and whoa, still the same place. Some of us then decided to plunged themselves on the pool. While I, still roaming and roared inside when I just glanced at some verbetua or magnifica they are doing. So what’s with me? none. I still have no rights.

Then I waited for a time to speak free to her. Winnie told me that “you know who” will be off by eight. That’s my time then. And oh, I should reconsider a courage test. I then spent first my time sitting on the spacious façade of the haunted house (right Joshua?). we manage to talk about our life, love, and lust with Winnie while some persons of the i-don’t-know agenda came to us. I strive to maintain my consciousness and poof! they were drinking the same liquid I take the last time. they were circling the table with sir dodie as the orbiter of the polyethylene cup filled with the alcohol and the violet juice (grapes for sure). I saw her sitting docks and using my “wag pansinin” style to make the situation a little emotionalist. Then I stood there, join the circle and drunk one shot of it. no effect as ever. I’m not that fast when it comes to these things. Hate it.

I then proceed again to the spacio with the gameboy freak Joshua. Then I heard her voice coming from the inside. She was done with her rebath and whatnots. this is the time. I grab her arm. Though she resist coz she’s combing her hair, I didn’t matter. All I know that is she must explain and I must tell her what I feel in the past days.

( story and conversation clipped out. sorry guys )

I then head again to the circle and found the two hotties craving for a seat with me. I insist. I let myself sat there and oh, I insist again on drinking that cup that was about to be dunked into verni’s tract. I grab and slurp. No effect still. Then I left and return inside, got close to her and never leave her until she sleep the night out (though it’s not over for her, neither for me)

I then stumbled to the people inside and saw aj’s having the time of his life – his first alcohol intake. Two cups he goes nuts, four cups he did whatnots, five cups he was history. He did said things which he WOULD likely want to tell everyone. And the enjoyment he brought to us? I’ll just leave that to the people who went to the party! Sorry non-goers guys! you’ve lost the greatest part!

But aj’s not the only one to be losing some focus, carlo too! but not on the focus, but on maintaining his self-problematic balance. He dragged himself racing through the 20 square meter place and ended faucet vomiting – the worst vomit I saw and smelled. But wait, Irwin started the vomit race as he bathes the vomit formula on himself. Nice work papa. Haha.

goaded with the smell inside, I unfalteringly go outside and stick to the circle of conscious people. we lay a sheet of no-vomit sheet and lay there watching the stars, UFO’s, shooting stars, shadow some things, Orbs, and wide night sky. Let me share my emo lines for that part.

I stumbled in this place of four
You, me, you and you, accompany me
I tour through the stars and sky
Found four falling stars and wished thy might
Everything for you, me, you, and you
To last a lifetime or even so
Like the stars we gazed through this night.
And so with you, me, you and you
Good luck, good health, good bless… me!

After four falling stars and wished, we then head inside and found her!!! she was playing games and oops, I don’t know what’s next. I sat next to her and oops again, symmone sat there too. nevermind.

Morning came and so with the people inside. Bright lights shone and eyes are focused once again, except for carlo, who was till vomiting to death. We spent amorsolo de singko in swimming the day before we left this palace out.

For the pictures and other memorandums, try checking this sites (hey guys thank me for this credits!):

Papa Irwin’s Section Group –
Symmone’s –
Richmond’s –

That concludes the LAST farewell party for our batch. Though it’s not that vivid and complete, hope you enjoy it as much as I have not. haha. (I mean posting this, not the party.)

toodles. (dang i hate posting when not in the mood. :-()


~ by protagonist on March 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “lying and talking to czar is the best thing i had without taking alcohol, vomiting, going topsy-turvy, mastering your focus, maintaning balance, cigar smoking, and taking clothes off.”

  1. Thank you dude! There are you satisfied?? XD

    BTW, sorry for interrupting your moment with her. Sorry for giving you the “Ben….Pwede bang magtanong……..kay Czar??” hehehehe!


  2. And oh….try to remember that “The House” girl. It still gives me the creeps…

    Love and Lights 28/26

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