whatever it takes i’ll make your darkest days alright, i’m in your heart that night (though i can’t even say a thing about us)

so long for the farewell party. I had one of the greatest mix-ups in history, I should be blamed. I had conclusions far off to what I must expect. Now what, what now? I am laying in this touchy sofa bed and I’m anxious to what will happen next. I lack, err I mean, we lack communication. is the party just the last time for a last time?

“of course not!” , I muffled.

Jd perianes came to the neighbors asking my appearance. He did get what he wants when I left Recca fighting the Old Geezer and also, left Yangkumi with her notorious students. He asked me if I was available to shift myself into a stroll mode.

“this is my chance!” , I thought.

We contacted baklava (though he/she seems to be tipsy-woozy that night) and asked if we would be accompanied to a place where my mind is already set to. Plan’s next? Go to her house.

“yay! Now I could see where she resides”, I proclaimed.

Then we head first to Lores (why did they not replaced the pathetic name?) for an errand to some dinner cuisine. Barbecue’s roasting and steam shimmering glazes through my senses as the departure starting to get closer and closer. Now I returned and they, walked.

“feel the air before I may feel the pressure”, I assumed.

Now we met up in Shopwise (glamorous at some point, but it’s just a big supermarket, that’s all) and reached on a jeep, wait, a three-wheeled vehicle. While crossing vertical horizon towards the same direction of Teresa, my mind sets on a conscriptic one. tease me if you will do.

“what will happen next?”, I asked myself.

We came, we saw, and I did saw PRETZEL TOWN! there and oh, I ever tell my “paglalayas” on our house and how I break the momentum of not telling my labs (gorgeous isn’t it?) that I have spirits accompanying me. so-so with the one-on-one plan. Stupid am i.

“there she goes again. another case of ice cold case”, I demanded on myself.

Should I continue? Nah… not this story to be publicized. Wait, Just one last dialogue.

“I can’t speak too much! Am I still poetically pathetic?”, I internalized.


~ by protagonist on March 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “whatever it takes i’ll make your darkest days alright, i’m in your heart that night (though i can’t even say a thing about us)”

  1. gee, what’s with the czar theme? 😀

  2. i’m kinda confused with the setting. but it’s cool anyway.

    PS: czar??????

  3. mas gusto ko yung czar theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i demand you put it back!!!! 😉

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