will summer continue like this?

Come forth and hail heat waves. I advocate a calm wind to blow but even a peek won’t clear. I was petrified while doing same things, over, over, and again.

A delayed sleep brought me to the sofa bed to waken up. I had a peep of the wall clock and blurredly saw the joints to be pointed in some figures. I assume it was one and two. Suddenly my eyes gestured a foresight – close selves to neglect the school assembly and the group messages. who knows what they might contain or what might it bring to me? hence, I dreamt of her, even I had the greatest virulence to record. I even let my loyal wolf backed off, just for a piece of myself. I dreamed to apologize, to beg and to ask in some place and event. I never thought a picturesque so clear would appear in my continued sleep. And unexpectedly, it came to my senses without me thinking it. blast-off. Buzz Light-year appears to drop by here before I set a standard eh? but where’s Woody?

Then I struggle to rise from the entertaining still sofa set. The idiot box’s open and I tuned again to this fairytale-plot “Wansapanataym”. Actually I did enjoy it because the episode seemed to focus on “Go Back in Time” and “Arrange Your Mistakes”. Then I think I should least, or I mean at least, go back to my second year life, where future’s might decide, but, for me, decided.

Now back to the present, I resisted every effort of making my head a little shaky and violent. I washed my tainted wisdom for now and sat down on the hardest couch I’ve sat on: Cousin Mac’s. we, at that time, shove a rewritable compact disk on their dvd player. The disk contains all alternatives you can find inside my alternatives folder… for music of course. And then we (wait. I think I did solo) sing loudly like lungs would never have to be refilled. Still, aym nat owkey.

I just wonder… did she do it on purpose or did she really mean it? truth shall prevail when twenty-eight comes.



~ by protagonist on March 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “will summer continue like this?”

  1. Its sooner than you have ever expected. Tweny-eight is tomorrow, pal…

    Como Este B*tches!!! (Ces’t La ViVA!!!)

  2. ang init sa pilipinas!!!!!!!!!!!! makapunta ngang hk…haha!

  3. Oh how unfortunate for you Ast. You ain’t coming with us… And whats HK? Hilagang kabisayaan??

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