my graduation! (but they overdo it)

How did the world come up with the word “badtrip”? maybe if they didn’t, I would have never said it a thousand times in this day, this important day of my life.

And there it was. I awoke from the sound of the autonomous group messages in my cp with only one theme: the cry of parting. I was finding that only text but then I found nothing coming from her. I’m missing her still since to the point she stopped communicating, or even after me communicating.

Well my day will go on even without her (fingers not crossed. xet it’s impossible, I thought). as of that state, I am finding a better bed to sleep the last hours before graduation. My mother’s giving me the money and the nerves on finishing a shoe shine job and a clean cut before grad. My hair’s untidy look gives the impression of dramatically change in a gal’s eye if seen, so far. But a special order was given: have it cut to the extent of a clean cut – a little extreme for my case. But drat, I think I should, and I did… make the worst decision to start a big aggravation.

I momentary look at this “swagly-mugly-fugly-artywonky-winky” thing in my head and oh, I should least expect that I was enough lucky to be a piece of a masterpiece though. Hence I just single out the clothing spectacles and fix this dang hair. When all’s set, they claim a time for a pictographic. And so I then again, got an emotion heater.

Upon reaching destination graduation grounds number one, I found out that they outnumbered me more than I would outnumber everybody else – they all sport improper. If I could just say ten-thousand blabber things to people involved, then my efforts would suffice me. well then the parade continues in a nice way though.

Sitting docks after marching on the center aisle, I gasped for courage to face everyone with this façade of the past months. I was looking for her and I did. More likely the face I saw that prom night. well I should concentrate on this day first, like what she was doing, I thought. more biblical on my side eh?

The commencement exercise flows in a way it was going to flow, though mishaps happen to microphones. i’ve seen enough of the southridge stage and I am doomed to a pleasured night. getting aggravated and still, aggravated, I pray it would end. And so it was as mam sexy deliver the last words for us seniors.

Roaming around I found people who come up with the career of mang delfin. They pull, push and quarrel to some pieces of paper to be developed. Kodakan if my grade six vocabulary would shift me. for what I’ve seen this, I brought this “swagly-mugly-fugly-artywonky-winky” to the pictures. Stupid as ever. Left southridge grounds with just a glimpse and an unmeshed conversation with “her”.

We deliver ourselves to Max’s after which. I saw aljosef and idda panget’s kalaguyo there. we sat… outside waiting for a next seat to accommodate us. Number five we are then. Push, push, and push until number five’s a boom. Bj’s nonsense talks made me smile as Kathleen’s Eating Suggestion is taking place in my mind.

Last stop is my dear grandmother’s house (or should I call it our house). There’s no get-2-gether today due to the fact that all are having their family night out or whatever outs. No option to choose (wait I have. It’s either I’ll go alone to melodina’s house {the fact that she invited us but I was the only one available} or verni’s house), I then sink into the night and pull my thoughts on coming up with this post. good thing i did because i’m still…

BADTRIP! (I assume I mentioned this utterance 487 times in this day only)

Here’s a directory of what I am / am doing while posting this one (a person requested this solitary)

1. I was online
2. I am texting melodina, only.
3. I am waiting for chowlmate’s messages, but did not appear though
4. I am posting this post
5. I am facing my personal computer, of course
6. I am blinking my eye
7. I am listening to Avril Lavigne Songs
8. I am missing chowlmate
9. I am a mess right now
10. I am breathing
11. I am awake
12. I am not yet brushing my teeth
13. I am going to brush it later
14. I am… wait stop.



~ by protagonist on March 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “my graduation! (but they overdo it)”

  1. Badtrip, eh??? Good thing you didn’t stop the grad using C4s and dynamites as planned. Though someone might have provoked you because of her frequent use of synonyms.

    Como Este B*tches!!! ow Ces’t la Vie!

  2. haha ok lang yan dude! tapos na naman ang grad eh haha

  3. cnu b c chowlm8

  4. Isn’t chowlm8 CzaR?? am I rYt??

  5. Gottcha lest!!!

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