dim lights and uttered sounds.

Tomorrow’s going to be a zilch since classes are not an iota. Chatting about the fact that every day’s getting a little earlier to the upcoming exodus. Although I may seemed a little in an acceleration to do somewhat about somewhat, I resolute on posting this little but demanded post, I thought.

Burdened with world-weariness, I looked upon my cellular phone and found out that I’m being summoned again to some realm to which I don’t persist to go to. But, but again, since the natives are my classmates, I tail on. At first it was that unplanned to the course of having it there and there. But after a minute or half hours, Verni’s house it was.

Walking to a walking distance, I am able to reach the destination at the time they planted the merrymaking. What I saw first were the dogs prowling from the white gates, waiting to rout my whole life form. I bark loudly and providentially, the showstopper came out, stop the dogs and let me pass through.I may call him dogstopper too. corny.

When I glanced inside the domicile, I saw Paloma, Barbie, Peria. They were chillaxing to the point of lying is the best thing a woman can have without taking her clothes off. and so they were waiting for Richmond and I don’t know who. So there we stay and talk, talk and talk.

(interleave a sad storyline here)

After gaining that much effort to watch “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros”, Irwin Morales, Peria and I decided to leave for a quick “break”. We head to DSL (since r3’s that far-off and congested) even though the outside’s that extreme. It was a rainy night to welcome summer, I guess. Left the hub after 30 minutes and return back on the venue… running.

dogstopper again to his thing and let us two through (I forgot, Irwin went home for his beda test tomorrow). We landed there soaking wet and replaced our outfits with showstopper ones. Instantaneous to the alteration, Richmond and his cohort “Sulok Boy” Jed came, soaking wet too. They made the same alteration. Finally the plan arises.

(abscond a story to make you have a hangover)

I awoke to a voice of verni’s papa (forgot the so-called) and then had the headache that’s similar to one of my sleepless nights. After staying there for what to come, we left the house at nine.

I went straight off the sofa bed. No more movements. my first hangover. :p



~ by protagonist on March 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “dim lights and uttered sounds.”

  1. aq rin ang skit ng ulo ko! wahhhh

  2. Ooooh!!! Then I thought you will never ingest alcoholic liquor. That’s PUBERTY for ya’!

    Ces’t La Cheers!!

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