nearer to the near.

Since the past days before graduation occurs, we have been practicing and participating to the assigned agenda of our own mentors for the qualification. The spaces next to the subjects in my messy folder are written unwritten. There are more requirements than I imagined. But oh well, I should expect none but great deviance from a form of doom.

Nandaless (a Japanese form probably), I was then able not to came close to a survival to these last days. Though I admit they sometimes gave me the nerves, I’m gonna miss them, really. What can be more than saying “I love you” and “saranghe” everyday in these closing days? dang. I love you all… (especially “you-know-who-you-are”)

No more long post for today. gonna think of something else to do.



~ by protagonist on March 21, 2007.

One Response to “nearer to the near.”

  1. A perfect expression to say them that you care. Or should I strike “to SAY HER that you care”? I know its your blog, but waddapak man!!! Editing or erasing this will do you no good and perhaps getting them would give us a good days laugh. After all, we’ll bid toodles later. For that allow me to use this sign of providence…

    toodles + Ces’t La Vie = buh bye…

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