“simple farewell to all”

I don’t know if can start this one since I was never good at goodbyes. But if this was for my loved ones, the people who aspire and inspire me till the end, the faces whom I stare from time to time, the feelings they brought upon me, the happiness and vicissitudes they share with me, the tears and bliss they shed unto me, and their admiration towards me, then that’s too much reason for me to have this little farewell for them, even if i haven’t had the courage to.

To start of, I would like to thank everyone for everything. Honestly speaking, I was that stupid when sometimes I ignore some of you, or dispatch any one of you. If I had to look at the things that are within me, it definitely resembles every one of you. You were the people who introduced me to a new life to live and made me realize that high school is not bad after all. The memories we share is all what’s worth other than the knowledge our most beloved teachers bestowed upon us.

But I should not forget also the people who gave us the knowledge, as I have said earlier. I have faced the most of what I had to face. I’ve heard our adviser’s best recorded lines and physics teacher’s voice prompting to shifting. I’ve learned the fun of learning from Ms. Seranillo and Sir Danny Carubio, of course. I’ve seen the best facades to the worst: from Ms. Christianne Vitug’s form of Emily rose to Ms. Payawal. I’ve conquered the “i-thought” unforgiving attitudes of Mrs. Delos Reyes, Fatima Montoya and Virginia Valberde. I’d captured the “once in a blue moon” smiles of Mrs. Cecilia Alarcon. I’ve gathered the jokes and lessons in life thrown by Sir Dodie Coronado and Rolly Nillasca. So there, completing the list of everyday faces that doesn’t seem to bother me at all (or maybe yes).

Oh before I forgot, I should thank all the Kuya’s out there. Thanks for serving everyday! Haha.

There you go my farewell speech. it might not look that serious but hey, it is. to end this one, I bid farewell to all.

I may not be as good as Joshua in perversions, may not be good as Astrid’s vocabulary skills, may not be as hot as Verni, may not be as wiggly as Symonne, may not be that of quality of a dancer like Jeffrey, may not be that sinfully singing like timothy, may not pass in Up or be a great basketball player like Carlo did, may not be as cheesy as Irwin, may not gave out jokes or expressions like rich, may not as helpful as Giovanni, may not look like Marvin Agustin like Aj, may not have the poetical expressions of peria, may not be as muscular as jhat, may not be so frank like patty, may not bite like gelline, may not smile like aira, may not be a model like flor, may not have barbarian like beann, may not be a princess like princess, may not be a cat since I’m a rat like Kathleen, may not be ugly like idda, may not be so popular like dane, may not have the gargantuan eyes like marghie, may not have the weird and astounding ways of kira, may not be so undignified like Jamie, may not be so nationalistic like famela, may not be so blissy like Kristen, may not speak Korean like donna, may not have the brains like chrizarah, may not have so many admirers like melody, may not have the cutest braces I saw like czar…

But still, I have you everyone which I can be proud of. And that makes everything in you, in me.

Many thanks everyone. I love you, from Joshua to Czarina.

I think I’ve said enough for the one minute time, am i? Oops I think I surpassed it.



~ by protagonist on March 19, 2007.

6 Responses to ““simple farewell to all””

  1. hell yeah the hardest part of it all is biddin godd bye right!
    bt we have to let go! hmm


  2. natouch ako 😀 pero teka, I’m not a dictionary ha! I’m a real human being haha

  3. NOt good at goodbyes eh??? I’m gonna miss ya’!!!!

    Ces’t La Vie…

  4. BTW, Am I that wiggly???

  5. haha..request q 2 db..hekhek..n lgay mu farewell speech mu d2..nwei,..mami2ss kita crushie!..lhat kau..

    slamat s lhat..sna dmu q makalimutan!..

  6. weird and astounding???
    what’s that supposed to mean! lol… 😛
    gonna misya bin. mean, ben. waha!

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