submerged truths afloat.

Mobile phone number: 09267509375…
Mobile owner: Jeivee Leyva (how near to saying Mi Luana?)
I am in contact to people who needs a patch of songs and sounds.

AND IT WAS MORNING: Last five days of consequential emotion trials and filing of requirements. I have been using the above medium to utter every little thing I can ponder before graduation occurs. By starting of with “walang kamatayang” gm checking and gm replying, I was able to cut lose some conscience-finding people that morning. I first talked to this earth-blinded personata who was cutting short of her emotions. She told that it was good enough to straight some issues, and at some point, reveal the truths. But hey, you’re the one who’s provoking such “so-called” for me. so is that what you call truth? Shadaf. 😉

AND THIS WAS FOR “HER”: Maybe I should hate myself for this. unless I had to tell everything to you since you had almost known me for so long. talking about becoming my stalker. and because the truth can only be the simple way of saying what I really felt, I admit, and you also, that it’s me for you, and it’s you for me. new life you had found?
By the looks of it, it should go like this.


AND THIS IS MEANT FOR SOMEONE HOT: another. this isn’t a scene. waking by ticks and hand movements. The flaws messed up till now are starting to manifest and once again, deteriorate. The enemy had been the focus of the willing arm’s race. Fungus from the milk disgust but still, founding it of become a cheese. sweet and sour feeling. If the story’s not been told, it would break the resonance of being. I should applaud for the camauraderation. And to think it was, the alcohol’s best solver is the emotions also. But really, I should applaud not only the first reason, but also to myself. myself for being not there and being there. at the right place, at the wrong time. Thanks for admitting that you’ve somehow fall for me. I should admire you for having the courage for such admiration.

I wish I had more to come. but why do truths are set free only at the ends or near ends? late happy endings still!


~ by protagonist on March 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “submerged truths afloat.”

  1. ughmmm… Someone has fallen for you eh??? That’s cool, really cool…

    Ces’t La Cool!

  2. waw!!!!!!!!

  3. cool… yeah… i envy you… i wish i could be like you… but i’m to different…

  4. ahaha! sabi ko na nga ba ako toh eh 😀 haha 😀 peace 😀

  5. hahahaha…czar…wakekekek

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