a different friday. :-)

I run the risk of being less valid.

After having the hard time again for the final final exams, we, arbt, finally reunite after the days that we were having unlink thoughts for what to do next. At first, the officer-in-charge of the armchairs (Joshua), together with tingeljep, is left behind while we first do the stomach filling. I head home while them, head to their favorite place to detuned their stomach tunes: “Tapsi ni Mamsi”.

Reunited after 45 minutes, we retrace our tracks and headed back to southridge grounds. I see no trace of chowlmate. Then after seeing the armchairs and OIC of the armchairs to mend my attitude-broker today, I find myself trapped and coiled in the process of repairing the quarters we occupied for the past one year we spent in the span of fourth year life. and there I was, pushing myself to the limits to outnumber Richmond till the end (even though I admit I had more chairs delivered. about 15 or so). Then to a blimy crucial stage: we finally got over the rest of the chairs and nana… they went to r3 and I again still on way back home to dress up.

With minutes to spare, I stepped onto the light pedals of my slippers and rushed first to artri. Upon arriving there I saw lovebirds, guys standing and homies o2jamin’. Well obviously there was that disturbing arguments and whatnots from them, or us, I mean, again. the r3 party stops after 1 hour and a fifteen, if my mind serves me well. to prolong the fun, we walked to kuya icha’s hub.

The beginners were having the bleach party and oops. The born-rpg-skilled gamers arrived (me and peria). We started our groups of two since multitap’s not accessible this time. and so far with was we are doing, I enjoyed it. so much for ishimaru, so much for tingeljep. Haha. your cinematics won’t do any good so far. Beh! :-p

Added tag — > “I’m still missin’ her.” takte di bumalik ng school!


~ by protagonist on March 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “a different friday. :-)”

  1. Good for you!!!! At least the ultimate bonding was enjoyable, right???

    C-E-S-‘-T L-A V-I-E -.-.-.

  2. oki lng un bka d na maulit yan ehh!!!

    geh tol walang kalimutan ha!!! ahihhihihi


    O_o \m/

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