thursday’s a mess, friday’s next.

There’s nothing much to talk about since I end this day posting about this day and the heaven to sleep with. The nocturnal feeling again had been dismembered from my eyes as the TLE project aggravated my eyelids, of course. The four-figured places of the tracing look disorganized and a little loose on erasures. Now what? ah just pass it. it’s my project anyway. Who cares (peria’s indistinct sense of expressionism) to what will you say, BESTFRIEND?! (peria’s so-called name for “him”)

Now to talk about thursday, I arrived earlier than expected due to melodina’s brother. I had been a demand these past few days and I somehow negate the fact that I am “tamad” ever since then. I walked the vicinity of southridge without seeing that daily faces or even seeing them glancing at me (those first year admirers). also, i stared at her “water balloons” from time to time because of the fact that I don’t know fact. Perverted? hahaha choknat koh! Disregarded people within this day, I had the most miscalculated answers in the Filipino part of the exam. Due to chowlm8sdidn’t work” plan, which was my plan anyway, marghie was able to lend me that necessity, that fortunately, came from a third year. by the looks of it, I did have the hard time solving math questions and solving filipino equations. The part too of mapeh plunged as sir doods told us about taking it for some reason, or reasons. But what the hell, answer it rather than sleeping or doing nonsense while watching classmates do the work.

Dismissal occurred and foursome it was. Patty (ehem) and I were adjoined by peria and aghie as we go to CECUBE to have ganguro girl’s outputs to be printed. And minutes it was before I go straight home and have some meal-b4-siesta. But then ganguro girl arrived, looked down at my pants and told me that “why are you not dressed yet? are you still going back to sphs?” (english format). Then peria and aghie followed. They stay for an hour and a fourth and so. After which, they left to left their ip’s to mam sexy. And there was just the two of us. Peria, who was getting a little angry on bj’s behavioral discourse, decided to leave and poof* away he goes home. I then get dressed and oh…

Ayan na… ayan na… bumabagsak na mata kuh… slip mode muna q.

duh I feel diseased. But i feel a little different today… why?

coz’ I miss chowlmate. but i wonder why?

really, i’m missing you.



~ by protagonist on March 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “thursday’s a mess, friday’s next.”

  1. I’m thinkin’ this out. The so called “Chowlmate” can either be:

    A. The “Melody” of everyday life…
    B. Ces’t La Verna…

    or probably

    C. as in Ice-tea-lah…

    Your playing that “Nges hu??” game again huh??

    BTW, perverted?? No, Horny?? Hell Yes!!!!
    Water balloons huh?? I’ve seen better…Ngus hu???
    Try lookin’ at your speciment’s chest and you’ll see what I’m talkin’ about….

    Ces’t La Cool…..

  2. hmp!..crushie ah!!!…

    grrr….water balloons k jan..hehehe

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