flooding again.

nothing has been alright since I started learning the values and codes for computer-related topics. The plans of future were depleted and my astronaut project was supplied with tardiness in a form of the computer. dang I am good. But what’s good when good is no good enough? dang again.

due to the computer project we had, I was pilled up with 12 receipts and 21 orders to manage and finish. By looking at the codes and simple lessons to ponder, I was able to deposit such time to demolish their hallucinations of not finishing on time. dang. Consider the write lines and read lines to use, plus the economic need for variables, there’s absolutely no way I am able to rest if my skills will be far enough from what I am in a keep-sake. troubleshooting and wiggly hands (added the wormy fingers) really gives the advantage in keyboards.

and probably the brain that is not functioning in its proper state or having the gaps because of emotions?

What will be my future when TPW’s that demanding? Or will “I” be that demanding? Haha. I should stick not to laziness. stupid

czar tnx for the gee-ems. sana lng meh calcu akoh bukash. hirap talaga pag hindi naka unli. GBM.


~ by protagonist on March 14, 2007.

One Response to “flooding again.”

  1. Thank God for Mr. Pascal!!!

    Ces’t La vie…

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