red, just great.

To describe this manic monday, here’s a quick list.

Red jump suit apparatus
Red hotdog and sausages
Red capes for red colored heroes
Red meat for raw meats
Red handkerchiefs
Red gems and diamonds
Red t-shirt and shorts’ design
Red necklaces and earrings
Red bracelets
Red bag and baggage
Red kryptonite
Red carpets and sheets
Red colored papers
Red sofa sets
Red tv programs
Red lyrics
Red expressionism
Red innocence
Red crayon
Red colored pencil
Red ballpen
Red pentel pen
Red eyes
Red logo
Red stares
Red light
Red cards
Red text
Red goodbyes
Red songs
Red and everything that’s red

and a brown ring with an engraved name of her.

“it’s where we belong?” anu tuh joke?



~ by protagonist on March 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “red, just great.”

  1. And don’t forget about red ranger and red mens huh…

    Ces’t La Vie…..

  2. Btw, thanks for nominating me for the best commentator or commentor award.. I really appreciate that…

    Ces’t La vie…

  3. di ako makarelate! haha!!!!! 😀

  4. What??? Wait…

  5. RED blood
    RED heart
    RED love
    RED red?
    nweiz watever it is, THATS IT!!

    comment ng di mkarel8…

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