The Lame Weekends.

Typing a little random, here’s one.

Here I am again, facing my personal buddy ”c” while playing the tunes with the words I would want to hold into my head right now. the mobile phone I am carrying only gave czar and me in touch. I was texting others but then the replies just glitches. To decide a little post to run here at my project, I come up with a plan to overrun my last best month. So what now? this one is just another update for a waste. dada. can’t find any words or danglings to say. again, another weekend to be a slowpoke.

It’s a long way back south and I can’t still think still of what to post next. if what this day will offer, i hysterically open the television on and tune the channel on NatGeo. “The Natural Instinct of Females While Having Sex” – should I really watch the show or continue typing? wait. It contains animals with different behavior towards sex, eh?

My uncle and aunt having their siesta here but still…

i wish this weekend ends. nakakatamar nanaman.
(cge donna mang-asar lng at tumawa. tawa lang!) XD



~ by protagonist on March 10, 2007.

One Response to “The Lame Weekends.”

  1. adik!!! ahahahahahahah

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