Legend of Mana Luana

A piece of data had messed my focus in the days of “nothing else to do but play or sleep”. I was talking about this role-playing game who gave out the elements of a role-playing game, only online. legend of mana and its battle coordination and cooperation. This game gives us the chance to let us see what our rpg spirits are made off or how strong it gone so far. At first, Joshua’s the first to be involved. He was having these delirio moments but then succeeds in unionizing it. what a lame. Then there goes peria, who has this rpg skills that I also own since birth. He was patronizing this product that I endorsed and started manipulating his ideas into works. But his manipulation doesn’t end there. occurred within five and seven in between, after r3’s auto jam and auto jam. syet.

After we had our butts served at r3, we three (nvm Joshua) decided to out straight home and have the mana grand battle today. upon arriving, we saw all my cousins and backstabber cousins are sitting on the wooden, covered with cheap satin, waiting for the result to vary or to be miscalculated in the console they are using. And for all they know, if any of my presence, still respect and lowness is a must. They all share the ps for our meeting-de-battle.

In the first round, peria and buge were the circle of attention. They were circling around with some great fear for one another. And so long for their own hunches, they started hitting each other and saw how powerful they were. Mac, chipoy, and others who were watching had been mesmerized on how they come up with such plans. The first round concluded as peria’s been defeated. He demanded a rematch, buge insisted. Well the second round gave peria the demand to win. and so he did won. “then my turn to decide: one more round then it’s over for one.”

Peria won and everyone’s happy about it. it is because of the fact that they all despise buge for anticipation of her authority. Bwahaha.

In the match between me and peria… try asking him. =D

Now everyone here’s playing again LEGEND OF MANA. Wishing to have a match with one another and with some people I know, including peria and Joshua.


~ by protagonist on March 9, 2007.

One Response to “Legend of Mana Luana”

  1. Hmmmmmm!!!! What’s better??? Mana or Maple????

    Choose La Vie…

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