paperworks works.

> Read this using the MR. SOTHERBEE method.

Tesyerday I wus havwin twis will two make sowme twhings I nwot nweed to do. I swarted remebwering cwar’s visuwals and appwy on the powsition. Swhe was wiiling, of cwourse. And then I fowgot my TWLE pwoject twat nweeds four oslo papwers. I accumuwayt enough papwers to adwapt a gweat oppowtunity fow fiwishing twose. Good thwing.

I dwid a to do lwist to rewmind me twhat I will do on twhat dway. To bwoden it, twese are the twings:

1. cwar’s visuwals
2. pewia’s cwirbook
3. lewgend of mawna
4. tWLE pwoject

and what’s worse, I fwind mywself stwuck in thwese itwems. wook at mwe hwere. 🙂

working on czar’s visuals… but getting a little weary. =)

Just chweck owt twha othwer pwoofs at twha left swide of thwis window.


~ by protagonist on March 7, 2007.

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